Are you an Instagram influencer or a brand?

Looking for tools to connect with your audience on Instagram?

Instagram brings a wonderful tool for influencers to create a special account for them.

In this article, you’ll find what this tool does for influencers and bigger brands.

What Is an Instagram Creator Account?

When Instagram incepted, everyone used to have a personal account. Over the years, Instagram grew and introduced business profiles to provide more access to tools like profile action buttons, Insights, and others.

As influencers and brands ask for more Insights, Instagram introduced creator accounts. This account type is accessible by influencers which have 10, 000 followers that are also connected to a Facebook business page. Currently, the Creator Studio is under a beta testing phase i.e. everyone can’t access this.


1) Instagram Creator Accounts Offer in detail Follower Growth Insights

Instagram advertises creator accounts as it provides more insights and information about the growth and decline of audience. This account type is solely meant to know the influencers and brands more details related to how and why their audience has shifted. As of now, brands can only view them by and large weekly growth. Creator accounts, although, give more details on daily growth and loss.


What does this creator account provide?

  • Determine day-wise surge or loss of followers.
  • Review any posts or content that might have influenced those changes during those days.

2) Instagram Creator Accounts Connects to a Filtered Inbox for Direct Messages

This creator account offers a new tab in your Instagram direct messages inbox. Brands have a single inbox and the Requests tab for spam-related messages, but creator accounts offer both Primary and General tabs, along with the Request tab.


The goal of adding another tab is to better classify the messages which are very useful to a large brand. Instagram predicts that bigger accounts continuously receive large volumes of messages, noticing imperative messages get lost in a pool of less-important messages.


3) Instagram Creator Profiles Can Show Category and Contact Info

When you create your Instagram business profile, you get a category on your profile based on the category label from the connected Facebook page. Instagram creator accounts offer an option to select a new category and decide whether to add it in the Instagram profile or not.

You’ll see most of these categories better match with personal brands and influencers than business categories. Select the category that is best for your brand and what your audience recognizes you for.

Along with the new category options, the account types have the option to turn their contact info on or off. Business profiles automatically add the diverse action buttons for Text, Call, Email, and Directions based on the contact info included. Creator accounts although can choose to turn off this, although.


4) Instagram Creator Accounts Allows Desktop Access to Analytics 

Along with new features inside the Instagram app, switching to an Instagram creator account allows you to access Creator Studio for desktop use. This is integrated directly to Creator studio Facebook which was recently rolled out.

Creator Studio works as a desktop dashboard management tool to see all of Instagram content and insights.

When Creator Studio is open on your desktop, you can connect your Facebook profile, related Facebook pages, and your Instagram account. Creator Studio will default to the Facebook page when you log in but you can click the icon of Instagram at the top of the page to connect to your Instagram profile.

Once you’ve connected it to your Instagram profile, you can see all your post content information. You can segment all types of content like photos, carousels, stories, videos, and IGTV.



Instagram Creator Account gives new strength to influencers, brands, and business profiles. You can access a number of features to advantage your business through a single account.

Here 4 benefits Instagram Creator Account can provide you.

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