Instagram caption play an active role in enhancing post engagement.

But writing a perfect caption is no lesser than a master skill.

In this article, you’ll come to know how to create appealing caption writing for Instagram which effectively communicates to your marketing messages and encourage people to take action.

1) Create the Best Engaging Caption

The primary goal of an Instagram caption is to tell the motive or objective or story hidden in your image or video.

Your photo or video may be related to an event, celebration or any trending Instagram topic. The caption helps you describe the details of your post. You can use the caption to tell what your photo is all about or if it is related to a contest, the caption can tell how to participate.


It has been seen that detailed texting doesn’t perform well on Instagram. Therefore, you an appealing photo as well as caption with a little text to tell the whole story.

Writing without proper focus on the requirement won’t be productive so, think about the structure of your caption.

Presently on Instagram, while scrolling through the feed, you’ll see the caption below each post is reduced with “… more” after two lines of text.

Why is it so?

Instagram does this limit the number of text appearing as a caption and give more worth to the visual.

There could be another scenario that people won’t see your full caption unless they click on “..more” to open and see it.


If you want to get your caption expanded, ensure you have an appealing first sentence attracting your followers and motivate them to tap to read more.


2) Integrate a CTA to Your Instagram Caption

Instagram allows just one clickable link, which will be in your bio. If you want people to click on that link and take action, you need to direct them. A good direction can be done through a proper CTA.

The most commonly used CTA on Instagram for a bio is “Click on the link in my bio” or it’s variant.


The CTA guides clearly that audience can navigate to your profile and tap the link to complete the action. This kind of CTA works for approx any sort of action- signing up for something, downloading a freebie, reading a blog post, & buying a product.


There are other sorts of creative CTAs to include getting your audience more engaged and create Instagram conversions.

Encourage your followers in a way that they share your content to their Instagram Stories. If you have some informative content, add a CTA asking them to share.

3) Create Your Caption in Short Paragraphs

A great caption in terms of copy, value, and context is always welcome and important on Instagram.

But, a long detailing may lead the audience to avoid complete reading.

So, it would be better to divide your description into short paragraphs with extra spacing so that it gets easier to read the content.

Many account holders add spacing between paragraphs, but when uploading the post, find that the formatting is lost.

This is so because Instagram has an odd formatting feature which asks you to remove any emoji or spacing from the end of the paragraph.



Instagram captions are a great medium to engage your customers and increase your number of followers.

But, the writing of captions needs to be perfect and stand on the guidelines of Instagram.

In this article, you will come to know how to write the best caption for Instagram posts and other aspects as well.

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