Want to perform and affordable Instagram ads at the same time?

You can get them through this article where you’ll find how to make and run Instagram ads that turn followers into consumers at only $5 per day.

1) Discover Your Most Engaging Instagram Content

The first step is to identify your 5 best performing ads ever.

For this, you need to click on View Insights for each post.

Instagram 1

Estimate the number of following engagements from Insights-
  • Hearts
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Profile visits
  • Website clicks
  • Emails

Then add all of these numbers together to get your total number of engagements per post.

Next, add all of the numbers of engagement per post to get your overall number of engagements per post.

After that, calculate the total number of impressions from Insights.

Now you have the data you need to calculate your engagement rate. Take the total number of post engagements and divide it by the total number of impressions.

Now, the overall data will help you in calculating your engagement rate.

  1. Total number of post engagement/total number of impressions.
  2. Multiply that number by 100 to make it into a percentage.

2) Choose Content for Your Instagram Ads

Now, you need to pick the best performing content for your strategically prepared Instagram Ads Sequence.

For this objective, select content that resembles an organic customer journey.

You would require a three-pronged approach to running Instagram ads that will create your audience, generate leads on autopilot, and convert prospects into buyers-

  • Connect
  • Commit
  • Close

3) Create Your $5 per Day Instagram Ad Campaign

Your $5 Instagram ad campaign set up comprises two parts-

  • Building the target audience who will see your ads
  • Launching the ad campaigns in order to deliver ads

Build Target Audience for Your Ad Campaign

Once you got your Instagram posts to make the ads, you would go for creating a custom audience who interacted with your brand on Instagram.

Instagram 2

Custom audiences are those audiences who already have navigated your business.

Now, the custom audiences section will include those people who interacted with you in the last 5 days.

For this, first, click on Facebook Ads Manager and then on Audiences.

Instagram 3

After that click on Create Audience and choose Custom Audience from the drop-down list.

Instagram 4

In the first window which comes up, choose Engagement as the type of custom audience.

Then choose Instagram Business Profile in the next window.

Instagram 5

Now, choose the right Instagram account in the custom audience creation section.

Then type 5 in the Past Days box.

After that, give a descriptive name to your audience and click on Create Audience.

Instagram 6 (1)

Now, Facebook will track the following activities in a custom audience-
  • Double tap of viewers.
  • Anyone who comments.
  • People who save your content.
  • Users that click the link in your bio.

These activities will help you drive leads to your business page.

Create Your Instagram Ad Campaign

Now, it’s time to create your Instagram ads sequence.

You have to create one campaign with five ad sets for $1 per day each in their own similar ads from five content pieces identified earlier.

Now, create a new campaign in Ads Manager and then enter the campaign objective to Post Engagement.

Instagram 7

Then, make five ad sets in the same campaign and put their name according to those five content pieces you have chosen above.

Instagram 8

Now, keep the budget of each ad set to $1 per day.

Instagram 9

Then choose the custom audience you just made to target Instagram engagement in the last 5 days.

Instagram 10

Now, select Instagram as placement and keep out all others.

Lastly, add in your ad copy and creative on the basis of your selections from above.

Your campaign is ready to run on autopilot in the background to engage and pursue your new followers, turning them into customers.


Instagram ads are affordable and game-changer.


In this article, you’ll come to know about how you can create rocking Instagram ads in just $5.

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