Sometimes we have lot of question in our mind like what shall be the length of our tweet be or blogpost or how many hashtags it takes to improve post’s engagement?

The length of your online post has a direct effect on how well it performs. Writing captions and posts that are the ideal length for their channels will let you maximize engagement and increase results.

Here in this article, you’ll find out all your answers and the ideal post length on various social networks.

Facebook Character Limits

When you post on Facebook, you’re competing with other brands for your audience’s attention. Brands need to do whatever they can to be notable and grab their audience’s attention.

Make it too short, and you risk getting unnoticed. Go too long and you might reach the Facebook character limit.

Facebook Ideal Character Lengths

  • Facebook Update: 40-80 Characters
  • Facebook Ad Headline: 5 Words


  • Facebook Ad Body Text: 14 Words
  • Facebook Ads Link Descriptions: 18 Words

Facebook Maximum Character Lengths

We always choose or go for ideal character lengths for Facebook. But what about the maximums? There are limits for Facebook posts.

Here are Facebook’s character maximum limits:
  • Post character limit: 63,206 characters
  • Username character limit: 50 characters
  • Page Description: 155 Characters
  • Comments: 8,000 Characters
Facebook link ads:
  • Text:90 characters
  • Headline:25 characters
  • Link description:30 characters
Facebook video ads character limits:
  • Text:90 characters
  • Headline:25 characters
  • Link description:30 characters
Facebook image ads character limits:
  • Text:90 characters
  • Headline:40 characters
  • Link description:20 characters
Facebook Canvas Ad character limits:
  • Body Text:500 characters
  • Button Text:30 characters
Facebook Lead Generation ads character limits:
  • Context card headline:45 characters
  • Benefits text:5 bullets with 80 characters each
  • Button text:25 characters
  • Custom question text:50 characters
  • Privacy policy link text:100 characters
  • Custom disclaimer title:60 characters
Facebook Collection Ad character limits:
  • Headline:25 characters
Facebook Image text limit:

Facebook also has an image text limit i.e. how much text you can have on the images in your ads. They preferred not having more than 20% of ad image text.

Twitter Character Limits

Twitter has had a 140 character limit. In 2017, Twitter doubled its character limit to 280 characters to make its platform easier.

  • Ideal Length of a Tweet: 71-100 Characters

Twitter Maximum Character Lengths

Twitter also has maximum character limits and before writing any tweet you have to very focus.

Here’s a look at the maximum word count and character limits on Twitter:
  • Tweet length: 280 characters
  • DMs: 10,000 characters
  • Twitter Handle: 15 characters
  • Twitter profile name: 20

Twitter also made changes that allow you to fit more text in a Tweet.

The following don’t count in the 280 character limit:
  • Handles at the beginning of a reply
  • DM Deep Links
  • Images

Instagram Character Limits

Instagram is used for visual content. Though, the right blend of words and hashtags can help your Instagram posts maximum engagement.

Ideal Length of Instagram Character:

  • Instagram Captions: 138-150 Characters
  • Instagram Ads Captions: 125 Characters
  • Ideal Number of Hashtags for Instagram Captions: 5-10


  • Ideal Number of Characters in an Instagram Hashtag: 24 or less


Instagram Maximum Character Lengths

Insatgram captions can be long but there is a limit. There is also a limit for hashtag.

Take a look at Instagram’s maximum character limits:
  • Caption character limit: 2,200 characters
  • Hashtag limit: 30 hashtags
  • Bio character limit: 150 characters
  • Username character limit: 30 characters
  • Ads captions limit: 2,200 characters

LinkedIn Character Limits

Whether you’re on LinkedIn with a business or personal profile, you have some characters limits.

Ideal Number of Characters in a LinkedIn

  • Status update: 50-100 characters (both organic and paid)
  • Post titles: 40-49 characters
  • Number of images: 8
  • LinkedIn articles: 1900 to 2000 words
  • Article subheads: 5 per post
  • Videos: under 30 seconds

LinkedIn Maximum Character Lengths

Here’s a list to help you to see the maximums:

  • Company update:700 characters
  • Company name:100 characters
  • About us/Summary:2,000 characters
  • Page name:50 characters
  • Company leaders headline:150 characters
  • Company leaders description:150 characters
  • Employee testimonials:400 characters
  • Custom module title:150 characters
  • Custom module body:500 characters
  • Custom module URL label:70 characters
  • First name:20 characters
  • Last name:40 characters
  • Recommendation:3,000 characters
  • LinkedIn Publishing post headline:150 characters
  • LinkedIn Publishing content length:~120,000 characters *

Pinterest Character Limits

Image size matters on Pinterest. And, there are also limits to your description text.

  • Pinterest images: 735 X 1102 pixels
  • Maximum number of Pinterest boards:500
  • Maximum number of Pins:200,000 (including secret Pins and Pins on group boards you didn’t create)
  • Pinterest profile name:20 characters
  • Pinterest bio:160 characters
  • Pinterest username:15 characters
  • Pinterest board name:100 characters
  • Pinterest board description:500 characters
  • Pin description:500 characters

YouTube Character Limits

YouTube also have character limits for the text fields.

  • Video title:70 characters
  • YouTube description:5,000 characters
  • Playlist titles:60 characters
  • YouTube tags:30 characters per tag, 500 characters total


Social media ideal post length is an important aspect in influence your social media engagement. With this, you can make an impression on your target audience on different social media channels.

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