Google Analytics is one of the most popular and widely used analytic software on the market.

The transparency, easy-to-use, and its exclusiveness make it favorite of a number of marketers.

You don’t have to be certified in Google Analytics in order to use the program, however, you can do it randomly.

Although one has to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam for getting authentic certification in Google Analytics.

So, shall people try to get certified, and if, what are the benefits?

The Certification Process

Step 1- Sign up for Google Partners

The first step towards getting certified with Google Analytics includes sign up for Google Partners.

This is a compulsory step as you have to be a Partner in order to take the GAIQ exam.

Partnering with Google Partners gets you a badge showing you’re certified in different areas of Google and also acclaiming you as an expert.

Getting such a badge can improve your resume and LinkedIn profile.

So definitely take this first step.


Step 2- Take the GAIQ Exam

In general, signing up for Partners means is to take the exam, but it would be good to prepare before taking the exam.

You can go through SEJ’s Complete Guide to Google Analytics to learn more about Google Analytics.

Apart from this, one can also go through Google’s IQ courses to learn about the programs and prepare for particular certification exams.


These courses offer something for both, experienced as well as beginners.

You would get numerous resources on the net to read about the certification programs, and once you’re prepared, take the exam.

The GAIQ exam is divided into modules, so it would be good to take one subject at a time.

According to the website, you’ll be given 60 minutes to complete the exam, but actually, you’ll have 90 minutes from start to finish.

In total, there will be 70 questions and they are multiple choice and True/False.

You need to score 80 percent or more to pass the exam.

If you get fail in the exam, you’ll have to wait for 7 days before reappearing in the exam.

It would be good to take practice papers before taking the exam.

There are numerous practice tests available on the internet, but the sites are not officially associated with Google but comprise great reviews.

Once you’ve passed the GAIQ exam, you’ll get a certificate that will be reflected in the Google Partners account, and everyone will come to know that you’re an analytics expert.

But Is It Worth to get Certified?

Now, the question arises, is it good to make such efforts?

Well, earning certificate or badge is just a mere thing. When you go through the preparation of the exam, you pick immense useful analytic knowledge for the test.

It would really more than use the program in passing here and there.

You’ll learn thoroughly about specific Google Analytics features that you can then pass to anyone.

The knowledge and certification will also help you in getting high profile jobs.


Google Analytics is a great way to measure the performance of all online activities happening on your website.

You can prepare a solid marketing strategy if you have the knowledge of Google Analytics.

To become certified in Google Analytics, you need to pass the GAIQ exam. Passing this exam will not only get a certificate but also enhance your knowledge about the analytics.

So, are you ready to take it?

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