Google Ads certification ensures that a marketer is an expert in online advertising.

The certification is one of the few standardized ways to confirm the topical relevance of the marketer.

If you’re looking to make a career in digital marketing, the certification would help you a lot.

But, the next question is how to get Google Ads Certification?

In this article, you’ll come to know about how to get Google Ads Certification.

What Is Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads certification is a procedure which confirms that the individual is now an online advertising expert.

There will be two Ads certification exams and passing them will enable an individual to get a personalized certificate.

The certification program used to be a separate program and individuals have to pay for taking exams.

It changed when Google Partners program incepted and further evolved in 2018 with the migration to Google Academy for Ads.


Let’s see the step-by-step procedure to get Google Ads Certification.

Step 1- Make or Choose Your Google Account

Priorities would differ for individuals and agencies for getting the certification.

If you’re an individual and looking to get the certification on your own, you would choose a Google account to have your certification integrated personally and professionally.

If you’re a company, you need to use your work email address.

Step 2- Joining the Academy for Ads will be Helpful

To join Academy for Ads, ensure you’ve added only one account and rest of them are signed out.

There can be some hassles if you’re currently logged into multiple accounts.

When you’re into your account used for certification, go to


Then, click “Get Started Now” button.

You’ll be given authority to move further for the procedure.

Once you go through that, you’ll be given an option to share your Academy for Ads accounts with a company.

If you’re looking to affiliate your account with your Google Partners company account, choose “yes” option.

If you don’t want to get affiliated with Google Partners Company, choose “No” and move further.

Step 3- Get Ready for Exams

Google would now offer two types of content, one would be basic educational info and another is the more extensive academy content.

You can get all of the training content and assessments themselves in the tab of “Google Ads” showing on the Academy for Ads homepage dashboard.


If you’re the first-timer to Ads and the certification exams, prefer academy content.

You may take four or maximum hours to go through the video and written content for passing the sample exam for each module.

If you already have experience of Google Ads campaigns, it would be good to go through the modules.

The sample questions could be very useful for a newbie as they’re written in the same format as they come in the real exams.

If you’re certified or have a moderate level of Ads experience, then only skip the training content.

Step 4- Pass Fundamentals Exam + Any of the Additional Exams

To become a Google Ads certified expert, you need to pass the Ads fundamentals exam as well as one of the added exams of your choice.

You’ll be awarded the certification for that particular product focus area of the additional exam you choose.


The list of additional product exams includes:
  • Search.
  • Mobile.
  • Video.
  • Shopping.
  • Display.

As search and display are the two oldest additional exams, Google is trying its best to push video and YouTube advertising.

Now, if you won’t pass an exam, you need to wait for a certain time before retrying. This is the only penalty for failing the exam.

Concentrate on the Ads Fundamentals exam and prepare adequately as the exam is required for certification and ensure you pass it.

If you pass Ads Fundamentals exam and fail in one of the secondary exams, you’re still eligible for getting certified inside of the waiting period by passing another additional exam.


Google Ads certification not only makes you an online marketing expert but also helps on the professional and personal front.

Here are the four steps that will help get Google Ads certification.

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