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Ameet Madan, DSIM Trainee

An Interview with Ameet Madan, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and VP-Sales at ‘Micromax Energy Ltd’. Read on the interview to know why Amit joined DSIM despite of being 25 years experienced in Sales.

Q1. Hi Ameet! Welcome to DSIM. Please talk about some aspect of your education & work life.
Ans. I am a B.Com graduate and at present, I am working as the VP-Sales at Micromax Energy Ltd., taking care of its Solar division.
I have 25 years of work experience in Sales and to do better in today’s career landscape, have joined DSIM.
Q2. Why you chose Digital Marketing?
Ans. With so much demand and the way consumers buy, communicate today, has made Digital marketing a buzz word. As you can see, to remain up to date, one needs to practice what’s going on.
Q3. Why did you choose DSIM?
Ans. “To get access to the latest digital marketing knowledge.”
I used to see DSIM’s signage everyday on my way to office and also its ads on other platforms, which drove me to enquire about the course.
After attending demo session, I decided to go for it.
Q4. How has been your experience with DSIM?
Ans. Simply superb!
When you join DSIM, you get the best of digital marketing training delivered every day..
Q5. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 10?
Ans. 9/10
Q6. Post training, how is your career doing?
Ans. I have stepped into a growing industry and it’s because of DSIM. Everyday gives me something new to learn and I am never scared of being replaced by anything new, as DSIM’s training has taught me to be ahead of the trend.
Q7. What would be your message to aspirants?
Ans. Digital Marketing holds huge promises; but to snap up roles with a new wave of marketing firms, you should be prepared.
“Do not worry at all as DSIM is here to help you.”
Q8. Digital Marketing training at DSIM; in fewer words…
Ans. “Learning Digital Marketing at DSIM is far more useful & affordable than any other course.”
It was really great talking to you. We wish you all the best for your future.
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