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The world of internet changes every second and the strategy you’ve been applying may get transformed in a while.

Thus, as a marketer, if you have to be competitive and take advantages out of the web, then you must track internet activities with hawk eyes. This applies for guest posting opportunity too.

To know how to do guest posting, these 3 steps would definitely be your pathfinder in the modern content marketing scenario.

Guest Blogging Opportunity

Google has always been actively cautious about the types of content that are loaded on the internet for promotional objectives. It comes up with certain methods that can be used as an opportunity. Its SEO-specific tactic has really cautioned many bloggers. This suggests that currently very few people doing guest blogging and even lesser people are doing it effectively. But, those who are doing it, the blogging offer them numerous advantages.

When you provide your expert guest blogging service, you’re able to-

  • Get professional exposure; enhance your brand and credibility.
  • Strengthening social PR and reputation of the brand.
  • Get website authority, increases link building rate and also finds SEO through mentions.
  • Immense visibility across different niches.

So, what to do get these advantages-

Here’s your three-step guide to guest posts.

Tip 1. Clear Goals

When you want to take the benefits of the guest posting, the first and foremost thing you’ve to do is setting clear guest posting goals.

Sometimes, it may be possible that your expectation of guest blogging like referral website traffic, the social following may not increase substantially, but if you have set objectives, you’ll be in better condition to identify the challenges and also their solutions.


This aspect also needs categorizing the quality of domains you’re choosing. The specifications include domain rating and the domain type (.com, .edu sites).

Like domain, the referral traffic is also important. You need to explore the sites you’re choosing to get as a referral. The present and historical background of the sites related to traffic generation will allow you to set realistic targets.

  • Enhance SEO Performance

When you’re going to do guest posting, also focus on improving the SEO performance. It would include rankings, search traffic, and other areas. Also, focus on wider link building strategy for SEO. Relying on one tactic for SEO benefits can be damaging, so never do it.

  • Increase Social Media Following

Try to score more social following as because social presence is considered vital for guest blogging. Your referral site will consider it highly.

  • Create Your Brand Credibility

You or your business can be a brand or maybe a combination of both, in either case building brand credibility will help in customer retention along with sale/new business win.

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Tip 2. Have Your List of Placement Sites

What big mistake expert writers make while looking to place their content on referral websites is that they try to provide the solution to everyone.

This is why writers remain engaged in writing unrealistic content and hinder their capabilities from expanding their writing horizons and other things.

A writer should create and revisit aspiring content placement and contribution sites.

Doing this will take you to the following thing:

  • Sets a high benchmark

This is important in order to deliver a quality result. You need to find yourself honestly and get to know what type of content you want to create. This will help you to evolve and improve as an expert writer. You will be able to succeed as a guest blogger.

Tips for Making Aspiring List of Guest Blogging Sites:

Go through these tips to create an aspiring list of guest blogging sites like HubSpot, Moz and others-

  • Go to sites where you love to read content that is relevant as well.
  • Include high performing sites matching your style and approach.
  • Look for sites that are best in the industry and niche.
  • Search down the sites which are highly trusted resources within the best aspiring site list.

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Tip3.  Create Quality Content

When you’re going to do guest blogging, make sure you’re keeping the quality of the content at the topmost.

When you’re putting the quality at the forefront, you spend more time developing the content. All these things ensure great returns for your resource and time investment.

How can you create quality content?

  • Write about your expertise.
  • Search and research specific content.
  • Come with your own writing style.
  • Use content marketing tools BuzzSumo, Buffer and others.
  • Know about latest trends going in the industry.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Share your personal experience.

How to Identify Authoritative Websites?

Authority and quality is a prime-check, so keep them in your mind while choosing higher quality websites-

  • Minimum ads.
  • Longer content is available.
  • Known social sharing and engagement.
  • Content is best at grammar and readability
  • Higher domain rating and years of establishment.
  • Assorted content.
  • Larger volumes of content.
  • Fast loading websites.

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Guest blogging in current condition can be challenging if you’re not aware of certain things. The guest posting pattern has changed tremendously in recent time, so you need to have some tips aka knowledge for fruitful guest posting takeaways.

Above mentioned are those tips that will help you create high-quality content as well as take you to other benefits of the guest blogging.

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