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1) Case Study

5 Brands to Teach You the Power of Visual Content – Visuals can tell your company story, boost awareness and drive more traffic to your product or service. No doubt visuals help brands to connect with the audience in a much faster manner. So, the case study is here that explains Visual marketing strategy and importance potentially.

How MakerBot doubled its Facebook Ads ROI? – Facebook advertising is closely important to the success of business’s social media marketing efforts. And, if you play your cards right and follow the rules; you can have striking & determinate results. This case study, from an established player ‘MakerBot’, helps prove the point.

2) Infographics

Organic Search Marketing vs. Paid Search Advertising – Organic search marketing or Paid search advertising, which is the more effective traffic generation and customer acquisition channel? Let’s compare the two strategies and find which one is more effective.

21 Stats That Prove You Need To Do Marketing on Twitter – Read on the infographic and take a look at these important 21 stats strengthening Twitter Marketing to the core.

7 Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty Using Social Media – Social media is quickly changing the way organizations connect with customers. Staying competitive in today’s fast-moving businesses needs strong efforts towards customers-brands relationships. In this Infographic, you can take notes on these 7 simple tips to build customer loyalty.

25 Sales Statistics That Will Help You Sell better – 25 vital sales stats to teach you how to perform exceptionally while selling! A must-read visual content piece!

3) Funding Report

15 Indian Startups Making News This Week (29 May- 04 June) – A weekly report of Indian Startup Funding in June 2017. Check out the list of top funding deals that happened in Indian Startup Ecosystem in the week. Cube Consumer Services, Nivesh, LoadShare, Swiggy, Tripeur, Adessa, are the names.

22 Indian Startups Making News This Week (05 June- 11 June)– A comprehensive report on Indian Startups securing funds within the week; FtCash, BHIVE, Hungry Foal, Stockal, RentOnGo, Tagos Design, Goomo , MaxMyWealth, WayForward , Stratfit etc. are present in the list.

4) Student’s Interview

 “DSIM lets you future-proof your marketing career.” – Nataliya Singh – An interesting conversation with Nataliya Singh, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Sr. Social Media Executive at ‘Astro Science’. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped her to take off her career to a great start.

“DSIM is the most measurable source to learn digital marketing.”– Manidipa De – A candid session with Manidipa De, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketer at ‘E-India Digital’. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped her to gain a strategic view of digital marketing.

“I have come all the way from Dubai to India to join DSIM.” – Sidvin Shetty – Meet Sidvin Shetty, DSIM’s Ex- Trainee and Product Marketing Manager at ‘Techmart’. Read on the complete interview to know why he landed up in India to learn digital marketing at DSIM and what has been his experience here.

“I can find job in any of the countries with DSIM’s training.”- Shivi Sabharwal – An interesting conversation with Shivi Sabharwal, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Business Owner. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped Shivi, who has worked with brands like NDTV, Universal Music, in her career.

5) Digital Marketing Tool of the Week

ReviewPush – Designed for businesses big or small, ReviewPush offers a simple and effective solution for all your online review management needs. Keeping a close eye on what your customers are saying across different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yell.com, Yelp and more, the tool feeds new reviews into your centralized dashboard interface and sends mobile-friendly alerts.

Ambassador – Ambassador is a powerful marketing tool designed for modern brands. It is a referral marketing platform that helps you to target your potential customers with an effective approach. For marketing teams of any business, this tool can do wonders.

6) Latest News & Updates

Google Introduces Tool for Identifying Annoying Ads – Google has brought a new tool called Ad Experience Report for publishers that’ll help them spot how annoying and pushy their site’s ads are. Using the tool, publishers now can know how the Better Ads Standards apply to their own sites. Get on the details here!

Facebook Canvas Ads are now available within Collection Ads – Facebook’s Canvas full-screen immersive ad units are now available within its Collection ad format, and it also presented three new templates for Canvas. Read the details here!

Google shares its 2017 AdWords Product Roadmap – Google recently held its annual event Google Marketing Next 2017, a platform used to unveil the latest innovations for ads, analytics and DoubleClick, in San Francisco. Google Attribution, In-market audiences, Location Extensions are here!

Facebook allows ads within its Instant Articles Format – Facebook’s Instant Articles format, a better and faster version of the web’s standard article page is becoming better by slotting ads within below-the-fold “recommended articles” boxes. The goal with ads in Instant Articles is to maintain the best reading experience for people while driving revenue for publishers and performance for advertisers.

Instagram publicly introduces Its Archive Feature – Instagram had begun testing its Archive feature last month and it got officially rolled out on Tuesday, 13th June 2017. The feature allows users to archive photos and videos they have deleted from their accounts into a space that only they can view, rather than wiping them out permanently.

Facebook Introduces Two New Tools To Campaigns – Facebook is coming up with more robust targeting options which stand apart from its traditional impressions/clicks/conversions. The first is, ‘Value Optimization’ and the second is, ‘Value-based Lookalike Audiences’.

 7) Content Bonanza

 7 User-Generated Content Examples You Can Use Right Away – With user-generated content (UGC) 35% more memorable than other media, it’s no wonder UGC campaigns have proven to be a popular marketing tool in recent years. Here are 7 best user-generated content campaigns that might just inspire you to integrate your customers into your marketing strategies.

6 Fool-Proof Ways to Scale Your Social Media Exposure – Done right, social media strategy will have a huge, positive effect on your conversions and sales. Let’s look at how scaling your social media helps achieve this with these 6 foolproof ways.

10 Terrific Tools To Do All Your ORM Tasks Online reputation management can help you create or maintain the image that you want for your business. Just make sure you have the right methods and tools to use for a more precise and appropriate way of getting the results. Here a list of important tools to help you monitor your Online Reputation Management (ORM).

9 Pinterest SEO Things You Should Do To Succeed – There are some imperative refinements on Pinterest too and here you need to understand the way search results are ranked and what exactly forms the great content. Below are 9 tips to set your Pinterest endeavors up for SEO success.

11 Social Media Posts You Would Never Want To Miss – In all your social media endeavors, you are battling everyone else for space. And, so, here we have incorporated a roundup of the top 11 social media titbits to aid you keep your finger on the pulse.

15 Unusual Ways to Make Your Sales Emails Stand Out – Email is the major form of communication for salespeople. So, if you want to crush it in sales and drive conversions, you’d better need to be a top-notch emailer. Here are a few things that you need to include in your sales email.

9 Ways to Boost the CTR of Your Tweets – Twitter is a direct traffic tool – sharing URLs via the service to boost clicks and visits to help increase awareness, branding and possibly drive some direct actions (signups, sales, subscriptions, etc.). Increasing the click-through rate (CTR) of your tweets is one of the most important aspects of being successful on Twitter. Here are 9 tips for you!

9 Ad Platforms you need to try now (are not Google AdWords) – It is obvious to find AdWords at the forefront of every PPC plan, but there are other alternatives as well you should look for getting results. The post here shows a short overview of other networks that can be added to your PPC mix to drive qualified traffic and results. We have chosen 9!

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