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Goodbye 2018.

DSIM is all set to end the year of its adored audience on a high note.

We have wrapped up some of our outstanding articles at one place so that you can find a cumulative post for all those content pieces.

Let’s Start!

1) How to Get Certified in Google Analytics

Google has always been fond of providing super useful online resources to its users, and one of them is Google Analytics.

The brilliance of Analytics is exceptional as it fits in all algorithm, where its search engine or social media.

So, businesses keep their lenses on for Google Analytics experts. The usefulness of Google Analytics doesn’t stop at helping you professionally, but also for personal intent.

To become certified in Google Analytics, Google has offered a GAIQ exam and passing it means you’re a certified expert of the analytics.

You can check out DSIM’s Guide, where the procedure of taking the exam has been explained in detail.

2) Email Tips: Top 10 Strategies for Writing Effective Email

Emails help you in different ways, like, creating an impactful communication, getting you desirable leads as well as announcing your major achievements.

But, what more important to this email is its writing.

Read our above-mentioned blog and know 10 prominent strategies for writing effective emails.

These ideas will help you establish proper communication with your targeted audiences.

3) 4 Steps for Getting Google Ads Certification

Once Google Adwords is now Google Ads, but the concept and usefulness haven’t changed.

Google Ads is a prolific way of online advertising. You can reach more and more people in lesser time with the help of such ads.

Google provides certification for its Ads program.

Read our blog to know 4 easy steps to gets Google Ads certification.

4) 9 Inbound Marketing Trends of 2019 to Keep your Eyes on

Inbound marketing is a systematic approach to bring traffic to your website and increase sales by integrating content marketing with your conversion strategy.

Inbound marketing could be a charismatic weapon for those who want success for their business.

Our blog on Inbound Marketing trends in 2019 will surely spell valuable ideas for strategy making procedure.

5) How to Create Targeting Audiences for Facebook Campaigns

Customers are always valuable to a business and since the inception of social medium like Facebook, it is easy to create a targeted audience.

There are three types of audiences on Facebook- Saved Audience, Custom Audience, and Lookalike audience.

Read our blog and know how to create targeting (lookalike) audiences for your Facebook campaigns.

6) 10 Tips to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

Want to increase engagement for your Facebook page and need help.

Our blog on Facebook page engagement brings you 10 easy yet valuable tips for increasing the traffic on your business page.

These tips are undoubted will help you in achieving your Facebook page engagement goals.

7) 5 Content Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2019

Content marketing helps you distribute your valuable content pieces effectively on the internet.

But, will your efforts turn out to be successful or not depends on the existing business conditions.

If you follow the latest trends, the chance of success gets higher.

Our blog brings you 5 content marketing trends to dominate in 2019.

8) 3 Outstanding Tips for YouTube Keyword Research

YouTube is one of the popular social media and an eminent resource of Google.

The combination is great for those who want to drive traffic through YouTube.

Like Google’s search engine, keyword research holds an important place in YouTube’s searching algorithm.

Read our blog to know 3 outstanding tips for doing effective YouTube keyword research.

9) 4 Steps to Measure Audience Performance with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that helps in measuring the online activities done on a web page or a website.

If you’re looking to know how Google Analytics does this, read our blog.

The blog is all about describing the steps by which Google Analytics measure audience performance.

10)  7 Steps to do SEO Competitive Analysis

Let your SEO efforts rock and get immense traffic and leads to your website.

But how?

The secret lies in our DSIM’s guide where you’ll learn 7 easy steps to do SEO competitive analysis.

This analysis will help you know the tactics of your competitors and also prepare your strategies to keep your frontline.

11) 5 Hottest Instagram Trends for Businesses in 2019

Instagram trends ensure your business profile rock and this is why the company rolls new features every year.

If you want to know which are the hottest trends on Instagram in 2019, read our blog.

The 5 trends listed in our blog would be great to use for business next year.

12) 5 Tactics for Getting More Exposure to Your Videos

You have tons of videos on the internet, but few or none of them are desirably exposed to your videos.

Desired traffic on your videos can turn them great to greatest. So learn the tactics mentioned in our blog for getting more exposure to your videos.

13) 5 Steps to Make Facebook Ads More Effective

Facebook is one of the earliest and most popular social platforms. Over the years, the platform has magnificent for business.

The several business making and enhancing resources offered by Facebook make it highly adorable for small to large-scale companies.

If you’re running Facebook ads, but unable to get desirable results, you would be missing something in strategy.

Learn how to make your Facebook ads more effective in just 5 steps from our blog.

14) 3 Steps to Optimize Ad Budget between Facebook and Instagram

What could be more satisfying when you’re spending less, but gaining more from your Facebook and Instagram accounts? Sometimes, you would have to choose between these two platforms.

Although, this is a pro-social media tactic which only a few marketers adopt.

If you want to go in the same manner, read our blog that will enable you to optimize your ad budget between Facebook and Instagram.

15) 70+ Super-useful Facebook Stats So Far This Year

You’re using Facebook as your main social medium for lead generation, traffic, and engagement like goals.

You should know the stats which are useful to you and plan your strategy on the basis of such plans.

Read our blog which will provide you with more than 70 super useful Facebook stats of 2018.

16) 44 Biggest Startup Acquisitions of 2017 in India

You’ve heard about Flipkart acquisition by Walmart earlier this. There have several startup acquisitions in 2017 which you may or may not know.

Our blogs roll 44 biggest startup acquisitions of 2017 in India and that would surely enhance your market knowledge.

17) Top 11 Mobile Ad Networks in 2018

A mobile ad network is of great use to a marketer to generate sales and leads for their products or services.

If you’re a marketer and looking to know best performing mobile ad networks, here you go.

Read our blog that mentions the name of top 11 mobile ad networks in 2018.

18) 8 Tips to Improve Your Sponsored Social Ads

Are sponsored social ads an important part of your marketing strategy?

Then you should be looking to come with improved sponsored social ads to achieve an expected success.

Our blog will offer you 8 superb tips to improve your sponsored social ads and you can rock as well with your marketing plans.

19) 6 Full-proof Ways to Increase Your Page Authority and Domain Authority

Why do you see certain websites like Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary at the top of every search result?

The reason is the page and domain authority score of these websites always remain higher than others.

Our blog will fetch you 6 full-proof ways to increase your page and domain authority.

Learn these ways to become a pro.

20) DSIM’s Top 51 Digital Marketing Blogs

We created a super list of top 51 digital marketing blogs for our audience who look for high-quality digital marketing content pieces on the internet.

All blogs are highly popular and offer valuable SEO, SMO, PPC, and ORM content.

21) 11 Google Analytics Mistakes Marketers Should Never Make

Google Analytics is surely a remarkable tool to know the performance of your audience.

But, at many times you may make mistakes and that would cause pain to your marketing goals.

Read our blog that mentions 11 Google Analytics mistakes you should never make.

22) 4 Do’s & Don’ts of Successful Affiliate Marketing

Want to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Well, you’ll have to know some do’s and don’ts of successful affiliate marketing.

Our blog will let you know 4 important do’s and don’ts of successful affiliate marketing.

Hope these suggestions help in becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

23) How to 10X Your A/B Testing with AdWords Ad Variations

Do you want fresh ad copies?

Google Adwords Ad variation technique can help you in getting quite unique and fresh copies of ads.

So, 10X you’re A/B testing efforts with AdWords Ad Variations.


Read our blog “How to 10X Your A/B Testing with AdWords Ad Variations”.

24) 6 Important Social Metrics for Your 2018 Strategy

Knowing metrics in detail can get your social media strategy strong.

You can smartly prepare a solid social strategy.

We come 6 important social metrics for your 2018 strategy.

Hope few of them also work for you in 2019.

25) 15 Top PPC Experts to Follow in 2018

Are you a PPC geek and follow the experts of your industry eminently?

It’s time to know about more PPC experts, and hopefully, many of them won’t have been in your list now.

Our 15 top PPC experts to follow in 2018 blog comes up with some prominent names of the Google Ads industry that surely will create enthusiasm in you to read the full blog.

26) CJ Affiliate- A Complete Guide by DSIM

If you’re hunting for one of the biggest affiliate networks, then CJ Affiliate by Conversant would be your destination.

The affiliate marketplace allows you to explore as much you can to make your affiliate marketing career successful.

We bring you a complete guide for affiliate marketing through our blog “CJ affiliate- A complete Guide by DSIM”.

Read it to become affiliate marketing pro.

27) Maccabees Update: New Core Algorithm Changes by Google

Maccabees, earlier called Fred is an algorithm to measure the performance of Google’s SERP.

It counts down the online activities of different and their efforts made to top the search engine.

We brought valuable Maccabees update in 2018 to notify you some essential changes made by Google that year.

If you have missed the blog, read it now.

28) Google Algorithm Updates {2017-2018}

Google comes with several updates every year. In the year 2017 & 2018, it did the same.

We brought some of the valuable Google Algorithm updates of the year 2017 & 2018.

Read our blog to know the valuable details.

29) How Google Ads calculate “Ad Rank”

Google Ads is undoubtedly an efficient and profitable system.

If you’re looking to know How Google Ads calculate “Ad Rank”, read our blog How Google Ads calculate “Ad Rank”.

The blog will explain you the procedure in detail and you will learn numerous Google Ads tactics.

30) How to Manage Facebook Ad Costs with Facebook Automated Rules?

Facebook Automated Rules effectively help in managing Facebook Ad costs.

If you’re able to manage your ad costs, you can surely come with many more ads.

Learn “How to Manage Facebook Ad Costs with Facebook Automated Rules” in our blog.

31) Case Study- What is the Skyscraper Technique?

If your content is not able to produce desirable traffic, then it’s time to switch to the Skyscraper Technique.

So, what is the Skyscraper technique?

Read our case study and know different aspects of Skyscraper technique through our blog.

32) DSIM’s Guide- Social Media Image Sizes

What should be the size of images on social media?

There are different social mediums and so different is their algorithms.

Every algorithm has its own specifications for image size.

Learn the social media image sizes in our DSIM guide.

33) How Brands Reached From 0 To 100K Followers Organically in Less than 1 Year

Instagram is truly a success tool for businesses. If a business has to reach 0 to 100K followers, Instagram can be a great selection.

This is all revealed in our case study- how brands reached from 0 to 100K follower organically in less than 1 year.

34) 6 tactics to Grow Your LinkedIn Followers 200% Faster

If you want to grow your business on LinkedIn, there are some success mantras.

Our blog “6 tactics to Grow Your LinkedIn Followers 200% Faster” will not only enable you to grow your LinkedIn network, but 200 times faster.

35) 3 Methods to Improve Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score

Looking to enhance your Facebook ads relevance score?

This can be done effectively.


Learn our blog “3 Methods to Improve Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score” and know some useful ways.

36) How to Use the Facebook Budget Optimization Tool?

Want to know how the Facebook budget tool can be used?

Our blog “How to use Facebook Budget Optimization Tool” reveals all details and would help you in optimizing and setting the right budget for ads and campaigns.

37) 10 Benefits Guest Blogging Can Offer You

Wondering how guest blogging benefits you?

You can find numerous articles on the internet and our blog “10 Benefits guest blogging can offer you” would certainly be one of them.

38) DSIM’s Guide- Have You Tried Vlogging tactics?

What is Vlogging and what are the tactics used in this process?

Vlogging helps you promote your content with the help of videos.

To learn more about Vlogging, read our blog “DSIM’s Guide- Have You Tried Vlogging tactics”.

39) [Case Study]- Facebook vs. Twitter Advertisement

If you are always confused about which platform is best between Facebook and Twitter for advertisement, then this case study will help you to differentiate between Facebook vs. Twitter advertisement.

40) Meta Descriptions- To Add or Not to Add them to Web Pages?

Google has made several and frequent modifications in its Meta description.

The limit of Meta description was increased from 155 to 265 characters in December 2017 and again brought to the same old number.

Read this article to know some useful details about Meta descriptions which you should know.

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