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An interesting session with Vishwesh Mehendale, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Web Developer at Adbot India Pvt. Ltd.

Read on the post to know what he has to say for the journey with DSIM and also, to get on to the ideas revealing revolutionary goals.

Q1. Hi Vishwesh! Welcome to DSIM. I would request you to share your qualification & work details with our readers.
Ans. Hi! I am a B.Tech Graduate in Electrical Engineering and to pursue my career in digital marketing went ahead for training at DSIM.
I am currently working as a Web Developer at Adbot India Pvt. Ltd., Thanks to DSIM, as the opportunity was brought to me by DSIM’s placement department. They informed me about this job, forwarded my CV to the company and once I got shortlisted, helped me to go through the interview.
Q2. It’s really great to hear that you got the recommendation by DSIM placement. Now, tell us what compelled you to go for it?
Ans. I have been in freelancing; making websites for my clients. I wanted to learn digital marketing in detail, to avail benefits in the profession and so, decided to go for it.
Q3. A simple question, Why DSIM when there are several other institutes present with a big list of promises?
Ans. Because, it’s closer to my house. Jokes apart, DSIM has gained so much of applaud within the years and has become a brand that speaks of quality itself. When you talk of Digital Marketing, DSIM comes in there.
Q4. I would request you to share with us the insides of interview at Adbot?
Ans. There were interviews going for both SEO & Web developer positions.
After screening my details, they made it clear that they need me for Web Developer profile for E-commerce clients. Then, there were lots of question asked on and it was the learning gained at DSIM that helped me to make sure my win.
Q5. Your future plans; what are you eyeing onwards?
Ans. I am a professional right now, yet I do wish to run my own venture soon.
Q6. We would like to know about scope of digital marketing from you?
Ans. So far, I understood it was quite funny, no one actually knows what to do?
In every company, I went for an interview, had different perspective to approach in the digital world. They go for that approach so, some people succeed… some don’t. Digital marketing will open a new door for Marketer.
Q7. How was your entire journey with DSIM?
Ans. It was great! DSIM deserves a bow because it utterly fills the expectations of any student coming over here. I love DSIM and respect my decision.
Q8. What would you give when rating DSIM’s training program, you have 1-10 in your kitty?
Ans. Absolutely, 8.5 /10.
Q9. It was great talking to you. Before summing it up, we wish to have your message for budding marketers & entrepreneurs.
Ans. If we talk of jobs in Digital Marketing, then, yes there are many and let me tell you honestly, if somebody does it at this point of time, he/she would be able to draw perfect profits.
“Don’t take the industry as granted, understand the concept and keep exploring.”
We wish you a great luck, Vishwesh!
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