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An Interview with Nitin Kumar, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Co-Founder at ‘LETS THINK INTERACTIVE’’

Read on this complete interview with DSIM’s Ex-trainee, Nitin Kumar, who has brought ‘LETS THINK INTERACTIVE’, a creative digital marketing ad agency. And, you will become familiar with the insights & details of digital sphere.

Q1. Hello Nitin! We welcome you on board. Please introduce yourself to our readers. 
Ans. Thanks! I am Nitin Kumar, a BBA graduate. Earlier I was working at PROPTIGER, a real estate advisor firm as an Executive- Online Marketing Research.
With a plan to start my own venture, I left this job and got enrolled into digital marketing training at DSIM. At present, I am working on my own venture, ‘LETS THINK INTERACTIVE’, a Digital Marketing agency along with one of my friends, Pooja Rohilla.
I also take care of my family business i.e. all stock deal of Gold & Silver.
Q2. Sounds interesting! Could you please let us know your current project in detail?
Ans. Yeah, sure! We have come up with this new format concentrating on ‘Unique Brand Experiences & Targeted Mediums’.
And, have brought forward service like Website Designing & Development, SEO, Social Media Strategy & Communications, and other services.
Q3. Why Digital marketing and afterwards, a digital marketing agency?
Ans. Digital Marketing gives you wings. I always found this stream amazingly interesting seeing the innovativeness and scope it has.
During training at DSIM, I met several people and learnt a lot from them. It all started from there. I always wished to work on my own and made up the choice of LETS THINK INTERACTIVE, after having a great exposure to the sphere.
Q4. As you have talked much of DSIM, why you decided to get enrolled here?
Ans. It was purely because of my friends’ recommendations. Even Pooja, with whom I have started my new venture, she has also pursued the training at DSIM.
I was a bit confused as keeping in mind another option of ‘Digital Vidya’, yet the experience which my loved ones had at DSIM made me to come up here. I attended its demo session and took the decision.
You cannot skip seeing DSIM ads around you.
Q5. Do you think that DSIM training has really helped you in ways? If yes, let us know in details?
Ans. Before joining DSIM, I used to know the term ‘Digital Marketing’. Now, I know how to do it.I always looked for the answers to let me know where to start. DSIM has revealed this thing to me and I seriously don’t have words to say how important this disclosure has proven to me.
Q6. What you feel like on observing the reach this particular marketing approach has developed?
Ans. It energizes your work & day by saying, ‘Push your limits’. Really, it’s a great medium to reach maximum of your customers and for any businesses, clients have the effect. It brings convenience, choices and exploration, altogether.
Q7. How were your experiences of joining DSIM’s advanced digital marketing training program?
Ans. It was great! I learnt that this is also a way that works outstandingly and yes, how people/brands market themselves. A much-suggested name to learn digital marketing!
Q8. Which one do you see as your favorite platform in Digital Marketing?
Ans.  Social Media, without any doubt! A platform which helps you build long-lasting and effective relationships.
Though, you cannot ignore the importance other mediums hold.
Q9. How many points you will give to DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. I would love to give 7; discussing trainers, curriculum and the exposure I got sitting amongst entrepreneurs and marketers in my classroom.
Q10. What are your future plans; how you wish to proceed further?
Ans. Whatever I have learnt at DSIM, I essentially wish to bring entire learning into practice. And, I know this is actually needed if I want to achieve big in future. Moreover, I wish to promote my family business through digital media.

Q11. Your message for young individuals who seeks interest towards Digital Marketing?

Ans. A great choice young people! Though, I would request you to focus equally on both, learning and execution. These two go as one.

It was really great talking to you Nitin. Have a great career ahead!

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