An interesting talk with Abhinandan Kumar, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and an SEO Executive at Value4brand, a leading Online Reputation and Digital PR company in India.

Read on the complete interview to know how inspiring DSIM’s journey has been for him.

Q1. Hello Abhinandan! Tell us a little about your education & job experiences?

Ans. Thanks! I did my MBA (Information Technology) and after completing it, pursued digital marketing training at DSIM. Post training, got a worthy opportunity with‘Value4brand’, to work as an SEO Executive.
Q2. Good to hear that! However, why did you select Digital Marketing?
Ans. I always had interest in Online Marketing. And, it was clear to me that I have to do something in Digital World. During my MBA, I studied eCommerce marketing which I felt fascinated for and it keeps on intriguing me to know & do Online Marketing exceptionally.
Q3. Digital marketing has become a huge industry, isn’t it? What is your opinion?
Ans. Very true! The entire world comprising most of the circles is becoming digital. By 2020, digital marketers will take the full control of the customer experience. A great impact would be seen!
Q4. Digital marketing at DSIM; why not elsewhere?
Ans. Thinking back, I came across DSIM over the internet while searching for digital marketing training delivery institutes. Then, decided to attend its Demo class and was really impressed with the way it was delivered; informative and crisp.
The biggest benefit DSIM has brought is that ‘I have become a digital marketer, a much-awaited dream!”
Q5. What do you consider to be the strengths in getting this opportunity?
Ans. Placement assistance by DSIM! The department aids trainees uninterruptedly. They in fact sent my resume to different companies and this helped me to come across multiple opportunities.
In between, I appeared for interview at Value4brand and got placed as an SEO executive.
It is something which I have always longed for, being a digital marketer and starting with such a good company. My whole-hearted thanks to DSIM!
Q6. In what ways do you think that DSIM has made a contribution to your professional growth?
Ans. It was really an amazing time I spent at DSIM. I absolutely loved the course and the way DSIM helped me to move ahead.
DSIM has superb trainers and they are helpful and encouraging. Whenever you’ll need them, they will be available and keen to offer help.
I have also recommended DSIM to my colleagues at present company. I know DSIM teaches brilliantly.
Q7. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. I’ll give 8 for sure!
Q8. What are your personal favorites out of the 17 modules DSIM has taught you?
Ans. SEO, Google AdWords and Google AdSense.
Q9. What are your long-run career objectives?
Ans. On prior, I will travel around the digital world and then, would work further to run my own digital marketing agency ‘Abhiseo’.
Q10. What have you learnt and would prefer to share with individuals struggling to make a career in this industry?
Ans. Huge opportunities! There isn’t any surprise that the industry is growing at a fast pace and would need more & more skilled professionals in the upcoming years.
The field has become really progressive. With expertise emerging every day, you should keep on developing your digital marketing skills unremittingly.
Q11. Digital Marketing training at DSIM; in fewer words…
Ans. A platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to learn how to showcase them!
Abhinandan Kumar completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in November 2016.
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