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Baljeet Singh
An Interview with Baljeet Singh, Business Owner and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares with us how digital marketing helped him in his business growth.

Q1. Hi Baljeet, you are into real estate business, so how is your business doing?
Ans. It’s doing great. I am using correct marketing strategy for my business. I’ve changed our product marketing to adjust to market demands or technology. Now, our business has a targeted customer for which our product is a perfect fit.
Q2. Great Baljeet! Tell us, how did this training help you?
Ans. Currently, 8 out of 10 consumers search online for any business products and services. I was not able to cope up with today’s scenario. Once, I did the course, I learned a much better way to deal with business. Online presence of my business is increasing and I am able to showcase my products to the wider audience.

Q3.Very well Baljeet! So, what compelled you to undergo a digital marketing training?
Ans. Well, I wanted to reach out to the prospective clients. To reach target audience across different devices and platforms with the information they want, I need to embrace online marketing. Digital marketing offers numerous benefits when compared to traditional media channels.
Q4. Nicely explained! What do you think is the scope of digital marketing?
Ans. Digital Marketing is a booming industry. Digital marketing is critical for meeting changing consumer needs and staying competitive in the business environment.Now every start-up or branded businesses are changing their marketing strategy and are moving from offline to online marketing. They have a specific budget for digital marketing. Now digital marketing is like a heart for the success of every business.

Q5. Well, Baljeet. How was your overall training experience and how would you rate the trainers @ DSIM?
Ans. It is an excellent experience. Training was too good. DSIM trainers are full of knowledge and resources. They help us to see the vital picture of the digital world. I learned what is digital marketing and how can we take advantage of our businesses.I like to give 9 rating out of 10 for DSIM trainers. Trainers are wonderful. They have deep knowledge in the domain.
Q6.So, before we finish it up, do you have any message for the mass especially the business owners?
Ans. I recommend them to do digital marketing. Business owners need strategies on how to use Internet marketing to promote their products or services. So, the institute like DSIM can help them to see the vital picture and help them to grow exponentially.

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