I found DSIM popular and reliable.

Shashank Sharma, DSIM Trainee

In a candid chat with Shashank Sharma, Ex-DSIM’s trainee, we came to know about his opinions and experiences at DSIM. Read on the full interview to know what he has for you.

Q1. Hi! Please share your qualification and working experience with us.
Ans. Hi All!! I have pursued MBA from University of Pune and then, did digital marketing training at DSIM. Currently, I’M working with Hotel Nevada Plaza, Mumbai as a Sales Representative.
Q2. Why did you choose digital marketing?
Ans. I always had a knack for digital learning. And, digital as being the newest skills came into my mind. So, I joined DSIM to learn it.
Q3. Why you preferred DSIM over others?
Ans. I chose DSIM because of its marketing approach. I found it popular and reliable.
Q4. We would like to know about your experiences at DSIM
Ans. It was genuinely good. I learnt a lot.
Q5. How much you would like to rate DSIM on scale of 1-10?
Ans. 7
Q6. What advantages you see within digital marketing?
Ans. As every business is going digital, there are endless opportunities. Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional or freelancer, you can make it big.
Q7. Your message for digital marketing fellows…..
Ans. You should learn digital marketing. There are endless possibilities and you need to be digitally skilled.
Q8. DSIM for you in one line.
Ans. “DSIM ranks #1 amongst other digital marketing institutes.”
It was really great talking to you Shashank. Have a great career ahead!
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