An interesting session with Shiva Shankar Reddy, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ at ‘Half Full Creatives’

Meet Shiva Shankar Reddy, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘Digital Marketing Consultant’ at ‘Half Full Creatives’.  Read on the post to know how DSIM’s training turned him into marketing professional.

Q1. Hi Shiva! Welcome to DSIM. Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Ans. I did B.Sc and then after, digital marketing training at DSIM.
Earlier, I had worked as a Computer & Office Administrator. Presently, I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive at ‘Half Full Creatives’, a marketing and branding organization.
Q2. Why have you chosen digital marketing?
Ans. Nobody is now unaware with the term.
There is serious demand and brands are giving digital marketing more of the importance than ever before. So, I took it as a great time to enter into the industry.
Q3. Did DSIM placement help you to take this offer?
Ans. Yes! Training and placement department continuously provides assistance regarding the job opportunities.
I got this offer as a result of efforts & guidance put in by DSIM’s placement dept., as they serve the purpose of making a trainee placed in best of the organization.
Q4. What’s your opinion on digital marketing & its benefits?
Ans. Digital marketing as a process integrates platforms and customers’ experience through digital channels. There are endless possibilities and a lot of activities that can be done to achieve the results; with chances of trials.
Q5. How was your experience with DSIM?
Ans. It was great!
This course gives you maximum knowledge within minimum duration.
The journey here appeared much accelerated, and DSIM is a good place to start; holding valuable learning opportunities for you.
Q6. Where would you place DSIM’s training program, on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 8.5/10
Q7. What would be your message to aspirants in the industry?
Ans.  Digital marketing; you can take it as cosmic. You should probably feel confident enough to get a digital marketer position, and definitely leverage upon the opportunities to gain maximum out of your skills.
Q8. DSIM’s training for you?
Ans. “DSIM aims to explain the concept of digital marketing and successfully does it.”
Thanks, Shiva! It was pleasure talking to you.
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