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Rishabh Juneja, DSIM Trainee

In our candid conversation, we had Rishabh Juneja, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Graphic Designer. Read on the post to know how DSIM helped him to enhance his skills in digital learning to have a better career.

Q1. Hi Rishabh, We would request you to share your education and career details precisely?
Ans. I am a graduate and I am currently working as a Graphic Designer, post-training at DSIM.
Q2. Why you chose digital marketing training?
Ans. Digital Marketers are in demand and this makes the sphere a booming career option. So, I wanted to work on my marketing skills.
Q3. Why Delhi School of Internet Marketing?
Ans. I wanted to join an institute that focuses on practical learning & provides job assistance. DSIM has it all; practical approach and best job assistance. So, decided to join it.
Q4. Your experience with DSIM; your insights?
Ans. DSIM ensures trainees are given up-to-date knowledge; about digital platforms, tools, and how to use them for getting great results.
Q5. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 8/10
Q6. So, what are your future plans?
Ans. “Currently working towards a better career. Let’s see what happens.”
Q7. What would be your message to young digital marketing aspirants?
Ans. “Want to step into Digital Marketing, learn with DSIM.”
Q8. In one sentence, what you have to say for Digital Marketing Training at DSIM?
Ans. “DSIM offers you plenty of career chances.”
Thank you, Rishabh. It was great talking to you.
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