DSIM has given us the best platform & guidance.

Kashish Madan, DSIM Trainee

Today, we had an interesting session with Kashish Madan, SEO Executive at ‘Wen Lighting’. Read on the interview to know how DSIM helped him to achieve greater heights in his career.

Q1. Hi Kashish, welcome here! Let our readers know your education and professional experience.
Ans. Thank you so much! I did Diploma in Maintenance.
Currently, I am working as SEO Executive at ‘Wen Lighting.
Q2. Why did you find interest in Digital Marketing Training?
Ans. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing domain mainly in SEO, Affiliate and Social Media.
Q3. Why did you choose DSIM?
Ans. I saw DSIM’s Facebook Ads. After that, I chose to do it from DSIM because I believed in the quality of the program.
Q4. Your learning experience at DSIM; your insights, please?
Ans. It was good.
DSIM has given us the best platform & guidance to achieve greater heights and success in the future. I thank everybody at DSIM for helping me to become what I am today.
Q5. Did you find DSIM’s placement supportive?
Ans. Yes, of course!
DSIM has provided me numerous job opportunities. The placement team is very cooperative.
Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 8/10
Q7. What would be your message to beginners in the industry?
Ans. Digital Marketing field has so much to learn. All you need is a hunger to learn.
Q8. DSIM for you in one line….
Ans. “At DSIM, you learn from the best in the business.”
It was great talking to you Kashish. Thank you so much for your time.
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2 thoughts on ““At DSIM, you learn from the best in the business.”- Kashish Madan”

  1. Samir chattopadhyay/Chatterjee

    I am a retired man. My age is 57 yrs .approx. Now I am trying to launch my website .com. I have done digital marketing course online in 2018. I go through read your online demo in the previous week and this week. I have done an agreement with affiliate, one-year domain Godaddy. My website name has been selected but revealed. OK. I want to do affiliate marketing work at this age now. Is it permissible for me? I am doing Rt. Or not after retirement. Please reply me.

    1. Hi Sameer, affiliate marketing can be an incredibly beneficial, low-risk way to promote your products. If you want to do affiliate marketing then just do it. There is no age barrier or retirement age. You need to spend some time on your laptop and do the marketing for brands. With affiliate marketing, you can make money while you sleep.

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