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An Interview with Priyansh Srivastava, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Manager at StartupED

Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM’s training program helped him to get this decent job.

Q1. Hi Priyansh! First of all congratulations for getting placed in Startup ED, further tell us why you chose Digital Marketing as your profession?
Ans. Thank you so much! I have been hired as the Digital Marketing Manager at StartupED, all because of DSIM!
I picked digital marketing as nowadays the industry is blossoming exceptionally and my inclination somewhere lies towards online marketing. I really seek interest in learning how things work in Internet Marketing, specifically E-commerce, Pop-up ads, Facebook ads, Social Media Marketing, blogging etc.
Q2. We would like to have a summarized outline of your qualification and earlier work experiences?
Ans. I pursued PGDM in Marketing & Advertising and then, got enrolled into DSIM’s digital marketing training program. I have been working in marketing sphere from last 2 & half years. Earlier I was working at Pindrop Music, as the Social Relationship Manager.
Q3. How did you get this offer and what has been offered to you as the annual package?
Ans. DSIM Training & placement department keeps on providing assistance till the time a trainee isn’t placed somewhere. I got several emails related to job interviews and appearing thereafter, got this offer.
DSIM puts in best of the efforts to deliver maximum of the assistance to the students. Talking of pay, I have been given 3.96 lacs per annum.
Q4. We are really curious to know; ‘Why DSIM over other institutes’?
Ans. DSIM has become a big name in the digital marketing industry. The recommendation came from one of my friends. Further, to clear my doubts I searched DSIM on internet, read reviews and ended up considering it as a great place to learn digital marketing.
Q5. How difficult the interview procedure was and what was asked there? 
Ans. It was a bit; somehow a trial of my knowledge and thanks to DSIM; I was able to make it.
Amid interview, there were questions asked on Digital Marketing, though more on Social Media Strategy. DSIM’s course helped me to learn basics of each & every module and this worked brilliantly.
Q6. DSIM helped you in getting this job; yes or no?
Ans. Definitely Yes! Practical sessions done in classes, step by step assistance by Rawat Sir, a genuine environment to grasp the learning. Of course, DSIM helped me a lot and is still doing in my career.
Q7. Your future plans, what are you looking forward to have?
Ans. I really want to start my own digital marketing agency within next 5-6 years. The purpose means a lot to me.
Q8. A great vision, Priyansh! How was your entire journey with DSIM?
Ans. From the very beginning, my experience at DSIM has been unforgettable.
The trainers and staff have been great, supporting me all the way through. I in person enjoy small batch sizes as it helps you learn peacefully and DSIM met this criterion. They make you learn.
And, it’s no wonder DSIM has already set some benchmarks in the digital marketing training and is successfully delivering topnotch training in digital marketing.
Q9. Where would you position DSIM’s training program, on a scale that has 1-10 points?
Ans. Without giving it a second thought, 8.5 /10.
I want to mention my special thanks to Rajender Rawat Sir for his brilliant guidance and mentorship. One of the best trainers at DSIM!
Q10. It was great talking to you. Before wrapping up, we would like to have your message for young marketers?
Ans. Digital Marketing is for individuals who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet. Digital marketing is a new marketing practice, but exceptionally rewarding.
With shift in the marketing practices these days, massive job opportunities have been created which makes digital marketing industry as one of the best career options for students and professionals these days.
Good Luck, Priyansh!
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