DSIM finds the marketer in you.

Neetu Dahiya, DSIM Trainee

A candid session with Neetu Dahiya, DSIM’s Ex-trainee. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped her to gain an updated knowledge of digital marketing.

Q1. Hi Neetu! We would request you to share your education and job details?
Ans. I am a Post Graduate in Computers. Later on, learnt digital marketing at DSIM.
Earlier, I have worked with ‘Cognizant’- AdWords Process and now, I am looking for a better opportunity.
Q2. Why DSIM’s professional training?
Ans. With a wish to take my digital knowledge to the next level, I joined DSIM.
Q3. Why Delhi School of Internet Marketing?
Ans. Delhi School of Internet Marketing is a brand in itself and the only institute in India which is a “Premier Google Partner”.
Q4. Your training experience with DSIM; how was it?
Ans. Wonderful!!!
The training helped me brush up my skills and learn huge about the subject.
What I liked most was that the trainers used to make sure every class was fun, edifying and interactive.
Q5. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans.  8/10
Q6. What’s your take on digital marketing & its growth within the years?
Ans. There is an explosion in the field and as a competent digital marketing professional you can expect significantly higher growth within the years.
Q7. What would be your advice to young digital marketers?
Ans. You need to learn Digital Marketing professionally to make the right marketing decisions.
Q8. DSIM for you in one simple sentence….
Ans. “DSIM finds the marketer in you.”
It was really great talking to you Neetu. We wish you all the very best for your future.
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