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An Interview with Akshay Trehan, a Digital Marketing Specialist at ‘Myoo Works’

Today, we had our heartfelt discussion with Akshay Trehan, a Digital Marketing Specialist at ‘Myoo Works’. Read on the complete interview to know why he finds DSIM as India’s best digital marketing training institute.

Q1. Akshay, tell us a bit about yourself before enrolling into DSIM’s training program?
Ans. I did Bachelor’s in Finance & MBA in International Business and then after, digital marketing training at DSIM.
I had spent almost 8 years, working in Sales and Marketing and now, I am a Digital Marketing Specialist at ‘Myoo Works’, an advertising firm.
Q2. Please share your work responsibilities in details…
Ans. I am handling entire digital marketing thing, inclined towards planning & implementing the growth strategy.
Q3.  What inspired you to go for digital marketing training?
Ans. I have been a regular witness to opportune growth that this industry has as working with several big names. I used to work on Sales & Marketing profiles and with a wish to make a much more focused career shift, joined DSIM’s ADMTP course.
Q4. Why did you choose DSIM?
Ans.  DSIM is India’s best digital marketing training institute, though there are others that have been frequently trying to move up the ranks, but DSIM remains on top with its unsurpassed training standards.
Q5.  What has been your experience at DSIM?
Ans. Superb!
Apart from quality training, capable faculty, resourceful placement dept, etc. together create a wonderful persona of DSIM.
Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 8/10
Q7.  Digital marketing as a career; what you have to say?
Ans. The Digital Marketing Industry now is the core of our careers.
Q8. Your message to aspirants….
Ans. Digital Marketing is dazzling and will keep on moving forward with every advancing step of technology. And, you must plan to be there every step of the way.
Q9.  DSIM in one sentence!
Ans. “Thank you DSIM to help me live the life of my dreams.”
Thank you for your valuable time Akshay! Hope you get great success ahead!
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