An interesting conversation with Polavarapu Sri Hari, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Executive at United Medical Consultancy (UMC)

Meet Polavarapu Sri Hari, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Executive at United Medical Consultancy (UMC). Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped him to take a pleasing career ride.

Q1. Hi Hari! Let us know your qualification and job details.
Ans. I am a B.Tech graduate (EEE). Later on joined DSIM for digital marketing training.
I have been a working professional from last 5 years; started my career as an SEO Analyst at MBR Informatics, Hyderabad and then, began working as an Analytical Engineer.
Currently I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive at United Medical Consultancy (UMC).
Q2. What drove you to go for Digital Marketing training, though being a B.Tech?
Ans. At present, digital marketing is leading to greater heights rather than B.Tech even.
Previously, I was into SEO and as it is a small portion of digital marketing, I wished to learn maximum of it. And, DSIM’s training helped me to do so.
Q3. So, why did you choose DSIM?
Ans. A good training program includes learning structure, mentorship and the opportunity to network with like-minded people.
DSIM has it all and it gets proved when you try to find out details through different channels or attend its demo session. It is exclusive in digital marketing training.
Q4. Did you get this job through DSIM placement?
Ans. Yes, absolutely! The placement department helped me immensely. My training got over in Feb 2017 and post that the placement dept. kept on notifying me of career opportunities through emails, till the time I was finally placed.
Bangalore was my preference in terms of job location and you can see that within 2 months, I got favorite job in my favorite city. Big thanks to DSIM!
Q5. What has been your journey with DSIM?
Ans. Incredible! There is everything; the best curriculum, hands-on experience on own website, info on latest trends & tools, great trainers, exposure to industry professionals.
Though I was familiar with digital marketing (SEO), it was DSIM to offer me its specialization.
Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 9/10
Q7. Digital Marketing in terms of its future?
Ans.  The future is going to be more encompassing and it would become interesting to see the new and creative ways of marketing, incorporated by businesses to scope out in the domain.
Q8. What would be your message to the industry aspirants?
Ans. Digital marketing asks for surprising creativity, letting brands or businesses add extra elements to their capabilities. You should know how to do this.
Q9. DSIM in one line?
Ans. ‘Built exclusively for digital marketing training’.
It was really great talking to you Ravinder. We wish you all the best for your future.
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