An Interview with Ashish Kumar, Digital Marketing Executive at ‘Univer Solutions’.

Today, we had a candid discussion with Ashish Kumar, Digital Marketing Executive at ‘Univer Solutions’. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM turned him into a digital marketer.

Q1. Hi Ashish, please share your education and job details with our readers?
Ans. I am a B.Tech graduate (Electronics & Communication). After completing my degree, I joined DSIM’s ADMTP training program to gain in-demand marketing skills.
Currently, I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive at ‘Univer Solutions’.
Q2. What made you undergo digital marketing training?
Ans. I got familiar with digital marketing benefits in recent times and with striking scope, decided to learn it.
Q3.  Why DSIM?
Ans. DSIM is the first institute to take on this medium and over the years has become a leader in digital marketing training delivery.
Moreover, I was familiar with its training standards as conveyed to me by my friends. So, DSIM!
Q4. What was the experience of getting digitally trained at DSIM?
Ans. Brilliant!
DSIM’s ADMTP curriculum has been prepared superbly covering entry-level as well advanced- level needs.
The course engagement is driven here by multiple sources viz. curriculum, trainers, delivery style, flexibility & placement aid and so, the institute becomes the best place to learn digital marketing.
Q5. Does this course make you a complete digital marketing professional?
Ans. Without any doubt; yes!
Q6.Have you been supported by DSIM’s placement team in grabbing this job?
Ans. Yes, I was!
DSIM’s placements depart. is resourceful and brings as many as options possible for your placement. They informed me too and among done with & lined-up interviews, I got this job.
Q7.  What would you give (out of 1-10) when rating DSIM’s training program?
Ans.  9/10
Q8. Is there anything you would like to share with young job seekers?
Ans. “How you can better prepare for and handle digital career with confidence?
You have to make sense of all the noise and gain best practices to find your feet here; no one can teach you this better than DSIM.”
Q9.  DSIM in one sentence…
Ans. “The best place to prepare individuals for new role as Digital Marketer.”
Thanks Ashish! It was great talking to you, have a great career ahead!
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