An Interview with Prashant Kumar Chaubey, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Intern at Magical Dreams Production Pvt. Ltd

Meet Prashant Kumar Chaubey, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Intern at Magical Dreams Production Pvt. Ltd. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM’s placement team helped him to start his career.

Q1. Hi Prashant! Please share your education & work details?
Ans. I pursued Masters’ in English and then, got enrolled into DSIM’s digital marketing training program. I am just a beginner in digital marketing space but confident enough to accomplish big with DSIM’s training.
Q2. We hope you do! So, why Digital Marketing as your career?
Ans. Thank you so much!
Digital marketing has become a hot shot career. Enterprises are investing more & more in digital marketing, amplifying marketers’ demand. So, a career that has immense opportunities; why won’t you go for that?
Q3.  We are really curious to know; ‘Why DSIM over other training institutes’?
Ans. Actually, I found DSIM on internet and figuring out more & more details understood that this is the best place to learn digital marketing.
Training, Placement and other services; everything is superb at DSIM.
Q4. How did you get this offer? What’s your take on DSIM’s placement department?
Ans. I have been hired as a Digital Marketing Intern at Magical Dreams Production, all because of DSIM!
I had regular interactions with the T&P cell and ultimately and this offer was introduced to me by them.
DSIM gives its students the best placement platform as they work every single minute to make out your successful take on.
Q5. Your future plans, what are you looking forward to achieve?
Ans. I wish to run my own business after spending a couple of years in the industry.
Q6. Prashant; how was your journey with DSIM?
Ans. A beautiful journey!
DSIM has turned me into a professional with curious mind on a run and a successful digital marketer needs to be like this. It has made me confident to step ahead and explore the industry.
Q7.  Where would you mark DSIM’s training program, on a scale of 1-10?
Ans.  Without any doubt, 8.5 /10.
Q8. What’s your opinion on digital marketing & its current scenario?
Ans. Everybody gets a welcome here…
Opportunities at bay; scope to dig deep; multiple areas for specialization; huge pay; options to unleash your creativity; digital marketing has everything and you’ll always see growing benefits over here.
Q9. DSIM in one Line….
Ans. DSIM has become an important part of the digital marketing industry.
Q10. Before wrapping up, we would like to have your message to young marketers?
Ans. Career in digital marketing offers a flexible work environment; you can work from anywhere and anytime; giving you the flexibility and convenience. So, go for it!
Good Luck, Prashant!
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