An interesting conversation with A.Mahesh, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Product Executive at ‘Cognizant’

We had an interesting session with A.Mahesh, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Product Executive at ‘Cognizant’. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped him to build career in digital marketing.

Q1. Hi Mahesh! Welcome to DSIM. Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Ans. I am a B.Com graduate and in recent times completed my digital marketing training at DSIM. Currently, I am working at ‘Cognizant’.
Q2. Why you chose Digital Marketing on professional front?
Ans. The digital marketing industry is fast growing and incredibly competitive. And, I adore coming across situations s to buff up my skills. Digital Marketing has this; so just wished to become an online marketer. And, joined DSIM!
Q3. So, what drove you to pick DSIM to get digital marketing training?
Ans. Fantastic!
My brother explored the internet and found DSIM with visible and reputed online presence. The name who has built its personal brands so effectively can nurture you as a digital marketing hotshot too.
Q4. Your journey with DSIM; how has been the experience?
Ans. It’s said to be successful surround yourself with people more talented than you. And, DSIM made me do so.
I remained on top of industry developments, trainers worked as an ongoing support network; I was given personal projects and so, opportunities to try out my own ideas; altogether it helped me to dive into digital marketing with highest professionalism and preparation.
Q5. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 10?
Ans. I would give 8.
Q6. What’s your opinion on growing along a digital marketing career path?
Ans. The digital economy is growing 10x faster than the traditional economy and so, has compiled immense opportunities. It appears quite glamorous sometimes, though is technical and data driven too. As this industry matures, you need to have strong grasp of the area.
If you have passion and a desire to succeed, digital marketing has everything to make you succeed.
Q7. What would be your message to aspirants in the industry?
Ans.  If you really want to stand out from your peers in the industry, go ahead for a certified digital marketing course. With a grasp on the subject, you can potentially get a desired position. Who else can teach you better, rather than DSIM; so go ahead!
It was really great talking to you Mahesh. We wish you all the best for your future.
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  1. Graduation in 2014 in …I’m interested in DM.can you assured me to be placed which fulfills 3 years gap

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