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An Interview with Nidhi Abraham, DSIM’s Ex-trainee 

Our conversation with Nidhi, DSIM Ex-Trainee, where she discloses her experience with DSIM and ideas for the future.

Q1. Hi Nidhi, you have done & MBA (Marketing & IB) one-to-one, still preferred digital marketing training at DSIM. Let us know the motivation that worked to drive you towards this?
Ans. I completed MBA in Marketing & IB and in recent times digital Marketing training at DSIM. DSIM has worked as a big platform for me. On completion of MBA, I searched for jobs, yet wasn’t able to find the one as per my necessities. Some of my friends who have already been into the stream suggested me to go for Digital Marketing training.It’s an industry today that brings possibilities for a promising career. And the reason is apparent; Indian Market is seen as the profligate sphere in an online world and holds huge job opportunities for skilled professionals.
Q2. Wonderful! We are curious to know; “Why DSIM over other institutes?”
Ans. Before getting enrolled into DSIM’s program, I researched about other training institutes & tried to find out maximum information reading reviews and checking out websites, however found that DSIM has earned more of the success stories, backed by its value-added curriculum.Digital marketing sounds really interesting. I called up on the DSIM Helpline no. and one of the counselors helped me to know everything about the scope of digital marketing. I joined Online batch in April, 2016. That’s how I selected upon DSIM which proved to be a wise decision.
Q3. Nidhi, did you find DSIM placement helpful?
Ans. Definitely! It feels really glad to become a part of DSIM. Training and Placement cell works tremendously. They keep on chasing you providing best of the career/job opportunities and it seems like the amount of efforts they bring into is for their own career development. I received great many opportunities to prepare myself, thanks to the inspiring trainers over there who helped me to discover the skilled abilities.
Q4. Great Nidhi! Digital marketing has become an industry in demand. What`s your viewpoint on this?
Ans. The possibilities of the stream are really vast. The Importance of online media has increased as it is cost-effective and has wider reach. Now, brands/businesses can reach targeted audience worldwide which was not so convenient through Traditional media.Upsurge that we are seeing has given birth to excellent job openings. The best part is that if you are an online marketer you can work sitting at home as per your convenience. Blogging, freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. are a few of the ways that can help you to do so.
Q5. Now, we would like to know about your overall training experience?
Ans. My experience with DSIM has been superb. The most significant benefit we received is the ability to deal with the difficulties coming along in professional terms. They teach you imparting maximum efficiency. Throughout the training, I was provided with great amount of support and guidance from DSIM staff and trainers. And, when you remain in initials of anything, the experienced suggestions and aids actually create a huge difference, making you capable enough to pave your own way.
Q6. What would you choose to give while rating DSIM’s training program, ranging from 1-10?
Ans. Not less than 10! This is well-defined as DSIM is a name that speaks of training excellence. The kind of trainers the institute has; experienced and ready to solve the queries of students, the support; always at toe to bring forth convenience and opportunities to trainees, the curriculum; teaching you vital modules of digital marketing along with practical exposure, is there anything that you would probably ask for while joining an institute for digital marketing training; I don’t think so.
Q7. It was pleasure talking to you. Before summing up around, please share your message to individuals across?
Ans. When you choose career, the most reasonable aspect driving you to step into the sphere should be your passion. When you find interest in your work, you love to be there. And, so I suggest individuals to go for digital marketing if they really seek interest into it, not just seeing the hype. There isn’t any specific way to make someone a digital marketer. You actually become the one when you know to play with the creative aspect of Marketing and this is the reason why I recommended DSIM to the individuals. The name actually helps you learn how to make the game and then, to win it i.e. all of digital marketing.

Well said! Passion & interest is what one should look for while deciding upon a profession.

The digital marketing career becomes productive for individuals who adore creativity and enjoy a spirit to attain familiarity with the online world.

Wish you tons of luck for your future undertakings.

Nidhi Abraham completed her Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in November 2016.

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