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An interesting session with Tanya Pahwa, Founder, Tanya’s Homes and DSIM’s Ex-trainee 

For our candid conversation, we had Tanya Pahwa, Founder, Tanya’s Homes, an online home furnishing store. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped her to excel with the dream of having own business and that occurred as ‘Tanya’s Homes’.

Q1. Welcome Tanya!  We want to know your education and former & present employment?
Ans. Thanks! I am Tanya Pahwa and I did my Masters in International Business from Amity University. Prior I was working as an Assistant Manager- Sales & Marketing at Anantraj Industries. I worked there for almost 2 years, later on proceeded to have digital marketing certification from DSIM.
At present I am self-employed, working as an online merchandiser. My brand is Tanya’s Homes, a leading seller with designer collections of latest home furnishing products. Our products are available online on India’s big ecommerce portals.
Q2. In a few sentences, what do you offer to whom?
Ans. Tanya’s Homes sells home furnishing items on ecommerce portals like Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Craftsvilla, Shopclues, Boggling Shop and Homefurnish.
We showcase latest and royal crafted products from the best craftsman with artistic looks and have a multipurpose catalogue of 1700 products.
Q3. Tell us how you came up the idea of this business?
Ans. It all started over a cup of coffee. I was sitting with my friend and in the midst of talk; he asked what are you doing these days? I said, “Nothing; I am free right now but I want to get myself into the online world.”
He suggested me to have my own store on the websites. I had no clue how to work. But, when the conversation lasted, there was one thing in my mind that my family is into retail as ‘Pahwa Furnishing House’ from last 35 years; why can’t I take it on mine?
I was jobless and the notion helped me to make it.
Q4. Why you chose to learn Digital Marketing after studying International Business?
Ans. Of course, I did my masters in IB; but don’t think that there is any spectrum in the world that is left from the preview of Digital marketing.
Even when I hadn’t begun, Digital Marketing always used to fascinate me. I used to think, oh my god there are people earning so much out of it. But how to earn it, how to get into it, were the mesmerizing things I wanted to learn. With the quest to know everything, finally learnt it!
Q5. Why DSIM? An answer that we need to know?
Ans. The year DSIM started, I could see it. I always used to see DSIM into Facebook Ads. I had liked its page and was following it. It was visible always. And, a thought was there, “One day, some day when I will get the time, I’ll go for it.”
Amid 4-5 months of training, I used to commute like 300 Kms for one side, as I was residing in Haryana. And every bit of my effort proved to be beneficial.
Q6. What’s been more exciting about DSIM?
Ans. DSIM has good structure of curriculum wherein they touch every aspects of Digital Marketing and explain how the things happen, how you as a marketer can extremely pull yourself into this. I did not know how AdSense works, how blogging works? So, in every aspect, DSIM worked amazingly.
Q7. Do you think this training has helped you in your business? If yes, let us know the details.
Ans. Out of DSIM help, I had most of the information.
How Goggle AdWords works? How the PPC works? How the Affiliate Marketing works? How the people are generating money out of it? How the clicks happen? How an interaction happens? How we need to do the targeting? DSIM explains it to you.
Whenever I see myself, putting my money into the campaigns or getting into advertising, it is the help of DSIM that I could sense where the every penny of my money is going for. And, basically it works as a regulator of mine.
Today I am getting more margins, more profit and I am able to see from where these profits are coming.
Q8. What do you think Digital Marketing has in its future?
Ans. This is the regulation to happen. If a normal person spends 3-4 hours every day surfing the net or social network, it’s a revolution. There won’t be any patch of our life not being touched by Digital marketing. Being on internet; it’s everything it’s everywhere.
Q9. How much do you keep as your budget to invest into digital marketing?
Ans. 100%
Q10. What are your marketing strategies as well as preferred platforms?
Ans. Image Ads are our preferences; here the catalogue needs to be precise to make customers understand what we are selling. Content is always a remarkable thing. Also, we do email marketing when there are discounts or for promotions.
It’s more like with the time. Earlier, Facebook was preferable. Now, we are getting more of our nerves on Image marketing. Instagram is good, as its costing is better. YouTube is a good place to get your ads campaigning there. Pinterest is good, push pointing your products. If a new platform is there and you are using that, it will give you an edge.
Q11. Please share your experiences with DSIM ?
Ans. It was an amazing experience. The best thing at DSIM is that all the trainers are the young blood. They are the boosters, they are the working people qualified enough to give the proper knowledge and are practical people.
I’ll say it was completely a practical course, not a pen-down course. All the young people having different ideas, collaboratively sitting in a room discussing over a topic, you will find it amazing.
Q12. How many points you will give to DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10.
Ans. I will give 9.
Q13. Where do you see Tanya’s Homes within the upcoming years or you simply wish for?
Ans. I rightly want that each individual, each home outfitting beau, each lady with an anomaly to purchase home outfitting has the acquaintances of our brand. We want people to have furnishing products from our brand. We are also in the process of getting license to sell over US Amazon.
For 2 years down the line, we want to have a complete online presence. We are not into retail and have no plans for it. We want to be that as compared to as any big name in the online sphere.
Q14. What Tanya has to say to young individuals looking forward to become Entrepreneur & Marketer?
Ans. Bang on!
I think we simply have one life and a couple of years to explore our inclinations and if there is a blood that I don’t want to do the job, I want to work on my own, you must go ahead. You should not wait and listen to people saying you cannot do anything all alone. Have dream, chase it and make it.
It was really great talking to you Tanya. Have a great career ahead.
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