I found DSIM having the most powerful curriculum.

Harsh Dhawan, DSIM Trainee

An interesting session with Harsh Dhawan, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Freelancer (Social Media Marketing). It was great talking to Harsh Dhawan, DSIM’s Ex-Trainee who sincerely answered every question.

Q1.  Hi! Please share your qualification and working experience with us.
Ans. Hi, I am Harsh Dhawan pursuing B.Com (Open) from University of Delhi, and working as a Social Media Marketing Freelancer.
Q2. Why did you choose digital marketing?
Ans. I had great recommendations and reviews about digital marketing. One of my siblings who work as S/W engineer in USA suggested me to do the course as it has great career opportunities.
Q3. Why you preferred DSIM over other institutes?
Ans. I researched about most of the institutes in Delhi but found DSIM having the most powerful curriculum. And, the expert trainers made me prefer DSIM.
Q4. We would like to know about your experience at DSIM.
Ans. It was a great experience.
My 5-months training at DSIM empowered me to earn big and work the way I want.
Q5. How would you like to rate DSIM on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. Perfect 10
Q6. What advantages you see in digital marketing?
Ans. “Digital marketing has great scopes and it is for everyone who wants to earn on his own. Less investment, more return.”
Q7. Any message to digital marketing fellows…
Ans. Everyone should learn digital marketing to fit into open career set-up.
Q8. Please say something about DSIM in one line..
Ans. “DSIM’s digital marketing course is the best in Delhi.”
Thanks, Harsh! It was a pleasure talking to you. We wish you a great success.
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