An interesting conversation with Sandeep Meganath, IT Executive at ‘ACM Healthcare’

Today, we had a candid discussion with Sandeep Meganath, IT Executive at ‘ACM Healthcare’. Read on the complete interview to know what he has earned out of his association with DSIM.

Q1. Hi Sandeep, do let us know about your education and job details?
Ans. I am an MBA in marketing. After completing MBA, wanted to have digital marketing specialization and so joined DSIM’s ADMTP course.
Presently, I am working as an IT Executive at ‘ACM Healthcare’, an Australian recruitment agency in healthcare industry.
Q2. What are the responsibilities you handle at work?
Ans. Entire hardware and software management and then, the digital marketing part!
Q3. Why DSIM to learn digital marketing?
Ans. I have had heard a lot about DSIM. So, on deciding upon to learn digital marketing went straightforwardly to DSIM rather than going here &there. Being a marketer, you cannot skip over knowing this particular medium, that’s why!
Q4. How was your learning experience with DSIM?
Ans. Great! I learnt digital marketing like no other institutes would have taught me. This way the course becomes infinitely more affordable as offering you immense knowledge and capabilities to take needed actions.
On behalf of my experiences, I recommend DSIM to everybody who want to learn digital marketing.
Q5. How would you rate DSIM’s Training program ranging from 1-10?
Ans. 9.5/10
Q6. What do you think Digital Marketing will make us ready for?
Ans. Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business.
It will keep on generating the best marketing results, ensuring your/your business or brand’s survival in the era.
Q7. Your message for working professionals….
Ans.  Trust me, you haven’t chosen an unyielding career domain. You will keep on reaping benefits; all you need is to use clever and innovative ways to connect to your customers. That DSIM teaches you i.e. how to figure out your ways.
Q8. DSIM in one sentence!
Ans. “DSIM has built my professional reputation.”
Thanks Sandeep! It was great talking to you, have a great career ahead!
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