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An Interview with Ujjwal Sinha, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and now, working as a PPC Consultant at Digitalabs, Noida 

Read on the complete interview to know how he is moving further to pursue his career in digital marketing, aided by DSIM’s training.

Q1. Hi Ujjwal, let us know your education and career details in short?  
Ans. I completed my MBA in Marketing & HR (2012). Next, got enrolled into digital marketing training at DSIM. At present, I am working with ‘Digitalabs’, a digital marketing agency as a PPC Consultant. Therein, I am handling multiple projects for verticals like- Health Care, Ecommerce, Travel, Education.
Q2. Congratulations for getting this promising job! So, how it feels like?
Ans. If feels great as there is indeed learning and also, I find it as a great platform to showcase my talents & skills.
Q3. Why you stepped into digital  industry?
Ans. Earlier, I was into Offline Marketing, Seeing the increasing importance of online marketing decided to go for it.
Q4. What you found enough to pick DSIM for digital marketing training in Delhi?
Ans. DSIM has become a brand, owing credit to its superb marketing and training delivery. And, as we all know there are several reasons to go with a brand, I took it in the same way.
Q5. How did you get this job and what remuneration you have been offered with?
Ans. DSIM brings huge numbers of job opportunities to you. With 4 years of experience in total, I was looking out for good opportunities and found this on. When appeared for the interview, it was DSIM’s certification that helped me to finally grab the offer.
Q6. I would request you to share the details of the interview procedure, so that our readers can have an idea?
Ans. There were three rounds in total. First was telephonic with the concerned person, wherein I was tested for the basic knowledge in digital marketing. Further, in 2nd round, I was asked to make the live campaign in AdWords. The last round was with the Director to figure out whether I have detailed knowledge of the subject or not? And, thankfully DSIM’s training helped me to pave the way towards success.
Q7. As you said earlier, DSIM’s training program helped you to grab this offer, how is it so?
Ans. I got enrolled into the course having basic idea of digital marketing. And, today feel proud to say that the training made me informed of digital marketing in a great way.
Q8. Talking of digital marketing, it is now seen as one of the fastest growing industries. What you have to say on this?
Ans.  Yes, it is true and I am undeniably sure with the massive change that Digital Marketing will bring within the next 5-10 years.
Q9. How was your overall training experience at DSIM?
Ans. Largely, it was a good experience. DSIM offers you digital marketing knowledge with career perspective and therefore, you become able to work as a marketer in the sphere. Though, how much you have grasped the knowledge depends upon your interest and interaction shown during classroom sessions.
Q10. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 10?
Ans. I have 7 to give for considering the different aspects.
Q11. Your message to young fellows desiring to begin their career in digital marketing!
Ans. It’s really good that individuals are interested to go for digital marketing. However, I would request them to bring their utmost commitment and honest efforts, because the industry asks for these. And, yes, all the best to you people.

Great Thanks, Ujjwal!

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