Dos and Don’ts While Using Vine for Marketing?

Released on January 24′ 2013, Vine is a six second video feature available on Twitter. People have already started using it as a social media content strategy. However most of us are really unaware with its dos and don’ts. . Let’s go ahead and browse over a few guidelines about using vine.

Three points you should never practice while using Vine!


Dos And Don’ts While Using Vine For Marketing 11. First and foremost point while using vine is that you should not forget to define the purpose of the video. Although it is only six seconds in which you need to squeeze in the entire matter you want to convey. Think about how is your video going to impact the users. What impression will they have after watching the video and then plan the script for the video. You have six seconds and a point you are trying to get across.

2. You might have lengthier concept as in a video which is worth 60 seconds however never try to fit that in the video of six seconds. Instead try to develop the concept and ideas that can fit into a six second video content. Trust me there are innumerable ideas that can promote your product or can convey your point in six seconds.

3. Well! Vine is not a good option if your video is only meant for some private groups say for your valued customers. However, shoot videos which can be useful for anybody and everybody. Avoid creating such videos which will confine itself to a particular group. Anyway, it is good to have more and more people to apply to become a user of your product and services.



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Three points you must practice while using vine!


Dos And Don’ts While Using Vine For Marketing 221. Vine is a wonderful source to promote your product and services which are newly launched. You can show a creep preview of what you are starting on. You have six second to showcase your brand, product and services, make sure it’s worth it.

2. It is a brilliant idea to demonstrate your products and services through vine. You have launched a product however people are unaware with its functionalities. You can educate people through vine and clarify the fact through this six second video. For example, Samsung can present a small preview on how samsung galaxy works. At least you can present an idea to them about it so that they can further go and learn more about the features of product and services.

3. One very remarkable point is that you can introduce your followers to your company. Your followers are already there, you simply need to convey your message through vine. Vine is a superb medium to let the people know who you, what you do and so on.

Now when twitter has gifted everyone a wonderful gizmo, brands and individuals can perceptively leverage it for some fantastic results. You only need to make sure that you are aware with the ways using it.

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