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A great way to build your business is by using social media, as it has the greatest potential. But if you are not handling your social media handles with care, then it can tear your business apart too.

Most of the businesses fail to invest sufficient amount of energy and time on social networks and end up making mistakes which can destroy their social media presence.

It is necessary for brands to have a better understanding of what they should avoid doing. In this article, we will highlight the 7 mistakes that can somehow ruin the social media for your business.

1) Want to Be Everywhere; On Every Social Network

Using all the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest all at the same time is the biggest mistake that businesses often make. If you want to yield better ROIs for your business, then you should avoid focusing on too many networks in one go.

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 How to avoid it?

Instead of this you should mainly focus on 2 or 3 social networks that are more important for your brand than the other ones. You should analyze where your audience is spending most of the time and start building your social media strategy for those platforms particularly.

2) Not Monitoring Social Media Results

If you are not analyzing your social media marketing efforts, then you may not get to know whether your efforts are working in your interest or not. It is must to check, measure and understand your performance to get an idea how to alter your existing strategy.

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How to avoid it?

By measuring the results you are getting from social media you can optimize and improve the ways you market yourself on those platforms. It is recommended to always measure your social media campaigns, as it is one of the most crucial steps to build a strong strategy.

3) Always Being a One-trick pony; Posting Similar Content

If you post similar content all the time, then people get the impression that you have no creativity to offer and your brand is boring. And, if you remain hung upon similar type of content, then your followers are likely to lose interest and may unfollow you.

How to avoid it?

You should post the content that is creative and exciting to stay in tune with your audience. If you regularly post unique and creative content, then you can easily maintain the interest of your followers. This way they keep engaged with your brand and read your posts.

4) Using Pushy Sales Tactics

Social media not only serves as an advertising platform, so if you use it just for selling your products loud, then you may lose your potential customers. If you fail to understand that social media is for building relationships with your audience, then your customers may drift apart. Those companies who keep on bragging and forcing people to buy their products and keep on sending annoying messages ruin their brand reputation.

How to avoid it?

You should always avoid posting pushy sales post on your social networks. Instead you should focus on interacting and engaging with customers, so that you can build relationships with them and later convince them to buy your products and services.

5)  Ignoring Negative Feedback

A common mistake that most of the businesses make on social media is by ignoring negative feedback. How you respond to your customers’ feedback says a lot about your brand. Feedbacks received from the customers are always valuable, no matter negative or positive.

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How to avoid it? 

You should pay attention to all the negative feedbacks you are receiving from your customers and respond to it. This is the best way to know your customers in a better way. See what change your target audience wants and make the changes accordingly to improve your customer experience.

6) Buying followers and likes

Purchasing likes and followers for your accounts is one of the biggest mistakes that marketers make. They somehow ignore the fact that success on social media is never about the numbers. There is no point having the large number of followers, if they do not engage with you. This signals the audience that your content is not interesting and valuable that’s why major portion of your audience is not interacting with it. If you still rely on cold number of likes for measuring your success, then you may spoil your brand reputation.

How to avoid it?

 There is a slight difference between being social and spammed. Instead of focusing on increasing your number of followers you should focus on building trustworthy relationships with your audience. It’s far much better to focus on attracting the ones who really engage with your posts.

7) Not Vetting the Social Media Managers

The social media managers are the ones who are responsible for your online presence on various social platforms. Giving the reign of your company’s social media accounts to the inexperienced people can ruin your complete presence.

How to avoid it?

You should always hire the social media managers for your business that are experienced and helps you drive traffic to your website. In no case, you should give the reign of your social media handles to untrained people that don’t use a specific set of strategy for marketing.

In sum, achieving success on social media is no easy game, and if you do not pay close attention to your social media marketing strategy, then you may commit these mistakes. So, make consistent efforts and avoid these mistakes for growing your business.

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