Basically, marketing is about communicating about your product and services with your target audience. However, the real challenge is to hit upon the best form of communication and the place to share your grand news. SEO happens to be one of the best marketing strategies, which tailors your website to the algorithm used by search engines to rank your website depending upon the signals emitted by your website.

However, search engine algorithms keep on changing with time and so you need to change your strategies as well to match your pace with the changes. You need to stay up to date and follow best practices to maintain the best possible ranking for your business related keywords. Here we have six tips on SEO that must know as that will help your website to rank well in search engines result pages.

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seo 31 It happens to be the first step toward a successful SEO strategy. You need to identify what keywords the online users are using to come to your website.Using those keywords aptly on your website can drive targeted traffic to your website converting searchers into customers for you. Think about the potential keywords related with your product or services. After that, through Google Adwords keyword tool find how competitive those keywords are and if you have found that the keyword is too competitive then go with long-tail keywords as that will make your website rank higher easily. The longer the keyword, the less competition you are going to have for that phrase in search engines.

Meta tags

seo 32 Meta tags play a significant role in SEO. When you type a keyword in the search engine, you will find that the keyword is reflected in the Title for specific pages. Google treats your page title as a sign of relevance for specific keywords. The same goes with the description of that same page.


seo 33 Indeed content is the king. Almost all the search engines have declared it that creating and publishing quality content is not only the best way to rank high but also to enhance the user experience. The effects of good content are long lasting and this is how you can accomplish both your goals a better ranking and a better relationship with the customers, which eventually will bring better sales for you.

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seo 34 Simply getting more and more links is not going to help you achieve what you always have desired for. But yes getting quality links pointing back to your website does wonders. Hence, go ahead and start building high-quality backlinks by submitting press releases once or twice in a month on various interesting facts such as new news or a product launch. However, while doing so make sure you are doing it on popular and targeted blogs which are celebrated in your niche. Besides, bloggers and news websites might get influence by the newsworthy content or graphics created by you and link to your content. Moreover, for people to organically link back to your website, try creating the best possible website for your business.

Social Signals

seo 35 Social media sites send search engines signals of influence and authority , which makes it a must for you to establish a strong social media presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Linked In, pinterest etc.

Keywords for Images

seo 36 Even the images that you use play a big role in your SEO efforts. When consumers search for your product in search engines, the results shown to them are not just based on your content but also your images. So you must include the relevant keywords in the title and description of your images for the images to rank high for the given keywords.

These were six tips on SEO for small businesses that you can carry out yourself. Besides, try analyzing your competitors to find out their off-page optimization, on-page optimization and social media strategies. You may be executing the similar strategies but then it will help you invent new ways to implement better strategies.


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