Digital marketing, its scope, its growth and blah, blah, blah! We have been talking about and will talk about digital marketing, its advent and the revolution that it has brought in the world and its inhabitants. How the entire world is getting swathed by its burgeoning creepers, starting from the west and to the other parts of the globe.

However, is digital marketing still a fluctuating trend in India like it happened to be some 5-6 years ago when only a few of us were aware with online shopping or social networking. Perhaps not! Instead it has become the future of marketing in India, for India is not lagging behind when it comes to internet or mobile usage. In fact if you actually go through the statistics you will certainly find that how soon India is going to overtake many top most countries in terms of internet and mobile usage. Why not go through some stats before we talk about anything else.

Let’s have a quick glance at some facts and figures related with digital marketing in India.

stats 1

  • Number of internet users in India by the end of 2013 was more than 205 million while that of US was 207 and China was 300.
  • India is expected to have around 243 million internet users by June 2014 leaving behind the US as the world’s second largest internet base after China, according to a recent report.
  •  India has more than 110 million mobile internet users of which 25 million are in rural India.
  • 70% of rural India’s active internet population accesses the web via mobile phones.
  •  India with more than 82 million monthly active Facebook users, spots the third position in the world after the US and Canada and it is expected that that the country will have the world’s largest Facebook population by 2016.

stats 2 Although internet penetration in India is yet to cross 16% of the population, however a recent study reveals that in absolute numbers this percentage works out to nearly 10 times the population of Australia. Besides, government is taking various effective measures to increase this only 16 % of internet usage in India and to make internet available to every nook of the country by launching various projects like NOFN, Netra and so on. You can read about these projects in detail in our previous news articles like Internet to reach Indian Villages: A Report, Google India launches campaign: 50 million women to get internet education in 1 year , Government to launch ‘Netra’ for internet surveillance and so on.

Talking about the internet penetration or mobile usage in India, you can imagine how things are going to be in future in our country. Forget about the future, if you look at the current scenario as well, you will find that a large number of people are not only aware of internet but are employing it for various purposes in their lives. And this accounts for a booming internet marketing industry in India. Why don’t you take your example here? Don’t you search for an itinerary on internet before you actually plan to travel or don’t you search for anything on internet before you actually buy it, don’t you buy a product on online shopping platforms like snapdeal, myntra, flipkart or Jabong if you get a better deal there? In fact the latest trends say that people prefer doing online shopping these days than offline. Besides, more the number of people on internet and mobile, more will be the number of people buying things online.

Let’s have a sneak peek to some more stats related to India

stats 3

  • India is Google 3rd largest market globally
  • India has seen a 20x growth in search queries in the last 5 years
  • India is the 5 th Largest nation in term of YouTube users
  • On an average, Indian’s spend around 16 hours a week online, which is more than the time they spend watching TV.
  •  The Indian Online advertising market is growing fast at the rate of 50% per year and it was reported to cross 1000 crores in 2010.
  • India has nearly 950 mobile subscribers and at least 50 million subscribers have internet enables mobile phones.
  • The number of websites in India is more than 90 million while that of Facebook profiles is more than 500 million.
  • Every day over 8 million inbound and 12 billion outbound messages are sent via Whatsapp.

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Hence, I think I need not explain as it is evident from the stats that how big digital marketing is going to be in India. Almost all the companies are shifting their budget from conventional to digital marketing opening a number of promising job prospects for Indians. So, if you still have any kind of dilemma regarding your career you can step in to the digital marketing industry, for it has a happening present and promising future.

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