DSIM gave me well-informed control through its training.

Neha Gupta, DSIM Trainee

We had an interactive session with Neha Gupta DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Analyst at Eventum and here, she shared the details how DSIM helped her to fulfill her personal goal of becoming a digital marketer.

Q1. Hi Neha, pleased to have you! We would request you to introduce yourself to our readers?
Ans. I pursued B.Tech (CS) & MBA prior to digital marketing. And, I am working as a Digital Analyst at Eventum. Thanks to DSIM placements!
Earlier, I have worked as a Technical Support and HR Executive in a Pharmacy Company.
Q2. So, why did you choose digital marketing?
Ans. With the prevalence of Digital Marketing, you need to change your plans of action into the digital one and to match up to the pace, I joined DSIM’s ADMTP course.
Q3. What drove you to DSIM?
Ans. DSIM was referred by my cousin. And after taking a dig into other training programs available, DSIM proved to be taken as an obvious choice.
Digital training at DSIM ranks higher than those offered by others.
Q4. Did you find DSIM Placement helpful?
Ans. Yes, of course!
Thanks to DSIM, today I have been placed at ‘Eventum’ and the credit goes to focused approach.
Q5. How was the training experience at DSIM?
Ans. DSIM gave me well-informed possessions through its superior training.
It prepares you to become a digital marketing expert. Training here coveys heaps of gainful advantages.
Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on scale of 1-10?
Ans. 8/10
Q7. What’s your opinion about digital marketing as a career?
Ans. The possibilities within Digital space are more extensive, faster, quantifiable and result-driven. It offers great career benefits and so, let’s delve into the importance of digital marketing.
Q8. What would be your message to aspirants?
Ans. Once you have gained certification, put into practice your experience and knowledge and this will surely help you become a digital marketing powerhouse.
Q9. DSIM in one line….
Ans. “DSIM is important for Digital Marketing.”
It was really great talking to you Neha. We wish you all the very best for your future undertakings.
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