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An Interview with DP Vishwakarma, Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of SEO Agency, KeywordsFly

DP Vishwakarma is a blogpreneur and the founder of SEO Agency KeywordsFly. He has an experience of 3 + years in SEO & Digital Marketing field. Now he takes advantage to share his experience with newbie’s and future entrepreneurs.

Q1. Hi DP Vishwakarma, Tell us something about you and your blogs?
Ans. Hey first of all thanks for the interview. I am DP Vishwakarma- a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Delhi NCR. I am an Electrical Engineer; I started my career in MLM while I was in engineering.
Presently, owning an SEO agency- KeywordsFly, a striving Blogging platform- BloggerWlogger & a few more startups. I have been into this field from the last 3 years and have helped hundreds of Startups, Businesses and professionals in growing their digital presence over the internet.
My Personal Blog is created with the vision to offer a free learning platform to share my ideas & thoughts in the most appealing way. The platform helps bloggers & digital marketers and teaches them for insane traffic & generating revenue. I write, speak, and consult mostly about how to blog tips, SEO news, product reviews, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.
Q2. Wonderful DP, what attracted you most to be a part of the Digital Marketing Industry?
Ans. Exploring new digital marketing channels daily, applying them on client’s business sites and witnessing the overwhelming results on Google and other search engines is what makes me highly attracted to this industry.
But again, to be very frank, there are lots of ups and downs in the Digital Marketing industry and fortunately, the ups far outweigh the downs. Digital marketing techniques, if grasped & learnt efficiently, work both for B2B and B2C businesses. All you need to implement a different approach using the right analytics tool.
Q3. What makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing?
Ans. Television, Newspapers, Radio, Flyers and billboards by the roads and highways & Ads that we see in weekly magazines are all a form of traditional marketing which is still in continuation for some of the industries.
Digital marketing, on the other hand, makes use of platforms like Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Business networking sites like LinkedIn, Promotional ads via emails, Paid pop-ups, Blogs & Articles.
You can consider Digital or online marketing as the mode of the global village. In this era of Technology & Internet, Digital form of marketing works significantly fast as compared to the traditional one and can help you drive insane traffic & leads if used & applied correctly.
Q4. Interesting! What strategies do you use to monetize your blog? (If any)
Ans.  I am using these 5 Ways to monetize my Blog:
1. Affiliate Marketing- Recommending a company’s products or services to my audience on my website can get me to earn a commission on any resulting sales.
2. Email marketing- Build a strong bond with my readers, sell them the course of marketing along with affiliate offers directly through email.
3. Draft & Sell EBooks- Write, draft & publish e-books that are aligned with the content of my blog. I have a good amount of readers; it’s likely that the eBook will produce a healthy profit for me.
4. Consulting Services- This is one of the best & most result-oriented ways to monetize my blog. I am offering Digital Marketing consultancy services for businesses & individuals.
Q5. DP, can you mention any biggest challenge in your digital marketing career so far?
Ans.  Yes, challenges exist in Digital Marketing too. As Digital Marketing is very broad, everything in this field is challenging in itself from generating leads from social platforms to make the engagement. Here are some of the most experienced challenges that I face as a Digital Marketer.
● Tough time was to not get a job only because I was bad at fluent English speaking.
● Finding high ticket freelancing projects
● Creating an SEO audit Report, Writing attractive proposals
● While setting SEO agency without money
Q6. What are a few of the important online marketing tools?
Ans. To make online marketing work wonderfully for me, I’ve got to use the right tools & techniques. Here are a few that I use frequently.
1. Email marketing- InfusionSoft – It is insanely effective for all your marketing campaigns.
2. Content Marketing- Buzzsumo- It helps me to find the most shared content on various topics or websites. There is a filter feature as per the research.
3. Canva for Graphic Design and Visual Content.
4. Pingdom Website Speed Test for SEO and Site Speed. It offers a free report analyzing your site & also helps improving site speed effectively.
5. Ahrefs tool for SEO. This is an all in one SEO tool that allows me to track keyword performance, measure your social metrics, perform backlink analysis, analyze your content, explore trending content, measure your keyword positions and do keyword research.
6. Buffer tool for Social Media. This automation tool can schedule updates for Facebook, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so I can get the maximum from your social media.
Q7. Informative tools! How you’d describe digital marketing to someone who is completely new to the Industry?
Ans. Let us understand Digital Marketing this way- In the old days, you put an advert in a newspaper, TV or radio station and you had no means of measuring how many people had actually seen or heard about your product, or how they interacted with your brand before making a purchase.
The same way Digital marketing works. It’s just a newer & advanced version of traditional marketing. We can use an internet audience for marketing at Digital space.
Q8. DP, what tips do you wish every blogger should know about?
Ans. If anyone is new in blogging or beginner, it’s obvious they will tend to make many mistakes and that’s why I highly recommend all budding bloggers to read tips on Blogging to avoid some common mistakes.
● Blogging may appear to be an easy job but what actually tough is to maintain that blog regularly. You need to take care of many things including :
○ Writing
○ Social Signals
○ Promotion
○ Marketing
○ Monetization
● Always choose a niche for blogging- the topic of writing you are passionate in.
● Make a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy
● Make Link Building Strategy tries to get more backlinks from blogs from high domain authority blogs.
● Make Good Relations with Niche Bloggers. Keep interactions with other bloggers in your niche by commenting on their blogs and through social media.
● Write Unique Content. Don’t try to copy content since Google hates Plagiarism.
● Use Guest Posting in continuation to achieve great results.
9. What are your favorite blogs and books?
Ans. It’s hard to name anyone because I like many bloggers. But to name a few I like HubSpot and Neil Patel blog because of his out of the league writing style. I also like Ahref’s Blog for his efforts to always bring something new & detailed knowledge guide for bloggers.
If I talk about my favorite book, it’s definitely a Personal MBA. This one is something I highly recommend to every new entrepreneur. Some more books worth going through are- 80/20 Rule.
It was nice talking to you. Thank you so much for your time and valuable information. Best wishes from DSIM.
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