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An Interview with Mr. Gaurav Mongia, Digital Marketing Manager at Spectranet and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares with us how digital marketing motivated him in his current career choice and also reviews DSIM.

Q1.  Hi Gaurav, you are working as a digital marketer with Spectranet. So what are the job responsibilities you are handling over there?

Ans. I am working as digital marketing manager  basically into lead generation for home and business segment. I am also taking care of social media, customer complaints, lead flow process and CRM.

Q2.Seems you have got a job of your interest! So, what role did the training played in getting you a job?

Ans. I did digital marketing training in the early phase of my career. I was initially working with a BPO then thought to move out from BPO for the job role. Everyone wants a normal day shift 9 to 6 job instead of working during night hours.Fortunately, I was able to join DSIM. I attended demo session which was very much impressive, and then I joined Advanced Training Program. DSIM actually helped me in growing and motivated me to move further.
 Q3. Great! Let our readers know why did you choose digital marketing as your line of career? And did you face any challenge while shifting your domain from sales to marketing?

Ans. I was basically into sales before moving into marketing. Changing industry was a big challenge because again I had to start from scratch. Moving onto the ground was not my cup of tea because it was completely different side of business though I am now skilled into as well. Major portion of my job profile revolves around digital media. When you move into marketing you get to learn all the aspects of your job profile. Again coming back to the point, I started exploring new and untapped space & figured out multiple channels through which prospects can be generated.

Q4.  That’s nice Gaurav. Talking about digital marketing; it is one of the highly booming industries at present. What’s your take on this?

Ans.Yes of course ,Digital Marketing is a booming industry but there are a lot of avenues which is still left unexplored. Many businesses are not exploring the digital side of business though the other side of the business using digital marketing is highly into the trend and know the benefits. The majority of businesses are online. This is no surprise as the industry is growing at a fast pace.
Q5.  Well enlightened. You completed digital marketing training from DSIM. How was your overall training experience? If you can please do a quick review of DSIM.
Ans.It was really a good experience. Training with Mr. Kunal was very much interesting. I came to know about many new concepts that I was unaware at all. I learned a lot.
Q6. So, how would you rate and review the trainers @ DSIM?

Ans.Honestly speaking, rating or reviewing someone from whom you have learned and come into the industry, is very unfair term to use. But I can give you a fair idea. I am extremely satisfied. My earning has grown 10 times. The digital marketing training from DSIM acted as a kick starter for my career.
Q7.   Well! It was really nice talking to you however before we end the conversation … Is there something you would like to put across to the young job seekers?

Ans. Someone who is planning to kick-start their career into digital marketing; my advice is just stick to the basics and understand how the things work. Pretty simple advice is “Little knowledge is very dangerous thing.”First learn the basics, then experiment and then further keep on experimenting. That’s the way you will progress ahead into life.

Mr. Gaurav Mongia  completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in October 2013.

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