Optimizely for A/B testing of Landing Pages

 The Optimizely platform technology offers businesses the capacity to direct A/B testing, in which two versions of a page are compared for performance. It performs multivariate testing and also supports personalization which is used for making data-driven decisions.


What it is?

‘Optimizely’ is among the most popular tools used for A/B testing, a user testing process allowing us to know about users’ activities on our site. The tool has most extreme options for running targeting tests and to do these, you don’t require any knowledge of html, java or CSS. One can do multi-page testing easily and become an experienced A/B tester. It additionally has personalization capabilities and gives free trial for carrying out data analysis. 


Free 30 days trial/Paid 

Subtle Features:
  • Solutions for web experimentation, personalization, recommendations, mobile, full stack and OTT
  • Fast and simple test setup
  • Constant updates confirming clean execution on all the devices and platforms
  • Customizable metrics
  • Viewing test results is a straight forward procedure
  • It gets to be difficult to make large re-arrangements
  • It takes at least 300-500 views and at least 50 conversions to get a stable % of a conversion rate.
  • Mobile tracking works not as intended
  • It has a few bugs
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