Narrow’ is a recommended tool for Twitter Growth Automation. To say it in simpler words, users who wish to earn more & more followers every month can make it big using this tool. Though, results depend upon the industry and the relevancy of the keywords used.


How does Narrow work?

To find your target audience on Twitter, you simply add keywords, which could be a combination of influencers, websites, hashtags, conferences, etc. Based on the keywords used, Narrow habitually ‘likes’ related tweets and tracks ideal users on your behalf, giving your Twitter account exposure and increasing your following.

It also sends you a weekly report providing information on keywords being effective in getting followers. Click here to know how to setup keywords.


Benefits & Features:

  • Clean Interface
  • Identifies and attracts target audience
  • Audience Research
  • Tracks the performance of your keywords
  • Gets the entire setup in 5 minutes
  • Manages up to 30 Twitter Accounts


The difference in subscription plan differs as per the number of Twitter Accounts user can connect with.

Basic/Pro/Business/30 day money back guarantee

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