Magisto: ‘Video editing tool’


Magisto is a smart video editing tool that lets you make outstanding social videos in minutes. It uses artificial intelligence to sync video to music and apply an editing style.

Know the details

To use this app, you simply need to upload your movie clips and music to it. It can be done via desktop browser or smartphone app. Further, it analyzes footage for faces, scenes, objects, people, and camera motion, then, syncs the beats in the music with the video’s motion and applies the type of editing you select.

The Magisto app for iOS or Android is free, and Magisto offers tiered pricing for various service levels. Some features are free. On an annual basis, premium is $2.49/month, professional is $7.49/month, and business is $39.99/month. Plans differ by the number of clips per month, length, and so on.


  • Create business videos in minutes
  • Cross-channel video content hosting and distribution
  • Business video views and completion graphs
  • Fast, easy & effective


  • Brand Awareness– Grow awareness with cross-channel brand videos
  • Lead generation– Generate engagement and leads with authentic video content
  • Sales– Increase revenue with sales video


Free for iOS or Android is free


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