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‘To track campaigns in analytics’

Looking for a tool to help you build Google Analytics tracking URLs?

Google Analytics URL Builder is the answer. Yes, this is absolutely free and allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Know the details

With this tool, tracking your campaign becomes undyingly an easy task. Here, you tag URLs with custom campaign variables and then, keep track of movement and share with prospects. Campaign variables permit you to track which of your promotions are producing the most traffic/conversions.

How Do You Use the Google Analytics URL Builder?

Go to the tool and follow these simple steps:

#Step 1: Enter the link you want to use to take visitors to your website.


#Step 2: Add the three main parameters that you’ll want to track.

Here, you have to enter the website URL and campaign information

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Campaign Source: This tells Google where traffic is coming from.

Campaign Medium: This tells Google what kind of source it’s coming from.

Campaign Name: This simply describes your campaign.

After submitting details, the tagged link will be automatically generated.

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#Step 3: Copy the link generated and paste it into your campaign.

#Step 4: Now, repeat these steps for all of the links that you want to track in your campaigns.



Information and Examples for different campaign parameters:

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