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Crowd Tangle is a free app that gives you information about people sharing your content. The strategy works well for reaching out to your audience and building deeper relationships.


Know the details

You can choose from viral alerts, trending digests, automated internal social reports or a Slackbot to stay on top of the information that’s most important to you and your team. It has a variety of customizable visualizations designed specifically for big screens, including touch-screen displays, maps and photoboards. Now, stop manually creating reports.

CrowdTangle is available for partners who are in the business of publishing original content, including media publishers, public figures and individual content creators, as well as the managers and agents who administer accounts on their behalf.


  • Stay on top of the stories that matter
  • Benchmark yourself against competitors
  • Identify influencers
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Custom Notifications
  • A variety of customizable visualizations

CrowdTangle is available across these content platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

For Chrome Extension

An easy way to see how often a link has been shared, who shared it and what they said. We’ll show you the aggregate share counts, as well as the specific Facebook Page posts, Tweets and Subreddits that shared any URL you want to check.

For finding videos

It helps you search and sort native videos published on Facebook Pages & Groups.



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