‘BuzzStream’ is an outreach and link building CRM software that has been designed for marketers to help them conduct outreach activities with a tailored relationship building tactic. With the service, marketers can find influencers to have content shared and linked by the right audience.

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What it has?

The platform helps you to do Digital PR i.e. to build list of influencers and press lists based on your history with that writer, social reach, and influence metrics; works for Link Building i.e. researches prospects faster, monitors links, and helps you do great outreach and helps you do Content Promotion as well.

  • A user (Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises, etc.) can track conversations & manage campaigns effectively across multiple projects & target sites, using the services.

How it works?

You need to add websites to your BuzzStream account and the application automatically helps you detect contacts. Now, you can organize your outreach by sorting projects, adding tags & notes and assigning the specific contacts.

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Benefits & Features

  • Research influencers automatically
  • History of conversations
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Press contact list
  • Metrics collection
  • Search for contact information
  • Database access
  • Email templates
  • Scheduled emails
  • Social media metrics
  • Automatic reminders
  • Email notifications
  • Email integration
  • Tags & keywords
  • Data filtering
  • Custom fields, Link management and Advanced organization features.
  • The chrome Buzzmarker
  • The metrics based prospect filtering
  • The Google Scraper


  • The social search tool doesn’t work as it has been expected to.
  • Buzzmarker glitches appear occasionally.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial for 14 days/$29-$999 per month

Pricing Model


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