AdMob by Google“Google’s advertising platform for Mobile app monetization”

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Know the details

AdMob, Google’s advertising platform is for promoting and monetizing mobile applications. Using it, application developers can promote their applications through in-app ads and monetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising. It also provides intelligent insights through Google Analytics.

Whether you have a free or paid app, you can generate revenue through in-app advertising with AdMob.

How does AdMob work?


AdMob can be used for Android and iOS apps. It allows developers to monetize their app(s) by displaying in-app ads from other advertisers.

Developers can set filters to ensure the ads being displayed are relevant to their app users. They also have control over the types of ad formats they allow. Choose from banner ads, full pages interstitials, video ads, and native ads.

It offers comprehensive mediation platforms which allow developers to manage and mediate ad requests out to more than 40 third-party network. This helps to maximize the app monetization.


  • Earn money with in-app advertising by displaying ads in different ways
  • Get strategies to grow and monetize your app
  • How to monetize your mobile app
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