AdEspresso: Automatic Facebook Ads Optimization

The easiest tool to manage and optimize your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. From design to testing to analysis, everything is possible using this SaaS platform.

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It has four core components—
  • A campaign builder
  • Split Testing
  • An analytics tool
  • Optimization

Know the details

When you run Facebook Ads, you have three options:

  • To use Native Ads Manager, a way to create native ads.
  • Second is to use Facebook’s Power Editor, a favored option for those not willing to spend money on managing your ads.
  • The third is to use a third party system, where AdEspresso comes in. It is a tool designed for SMBs and with a detailed eye towards managing your ads; it co-opts the place of the Power Editor or the Native ads Manager. To get started.

Why & How AdEspresso is great in use?

A reliable tool that helps you to say goodbye to messy Excel sheets and cluttered dashboards.

  • First, you can easily & quickly create campaigns. You can create bulk batches or single ads.

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Ad Design

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  • Once your campaigns are setup, you can observe them using easy yet powerful analytics and optimize them manually or automatically.

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AdEspresso Dashboard

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  • You can use Automation feature allowing you to time when the ads are going to appear on Facebook webpages.


Prices start from $49 and go to $149 and $299 based upon Facebook Ads spending, number of accounts, etc. Even if you stop using it, you can still access your ads inside the Facebook Ads Manager.

Parent Organization

Hootsuite (AdEspresso got acquired by Hootsuite in Feb 2017)

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