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In recent times, LinkedIn was in the news for introducing a new tool ‘Lead Gen Form‘, to help marketers collect quality leads using the platform.

The use

Its aim is to drive high-quality leads from Sponsored Content campaigns, as it removes conversion barrier on mobile devices of filling out forms. The effort is to fix the problem with lower mobile conversion rates.

How Lead Gen Form Works?

When a LinkedIn user clicks on your sponsored content, they’re presented with a pre-populated form that they can easily submit without having to type in their info by hand. This eliminates the need to fill out a form with all of their contact information. Then, the information is sent to you.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Manageability

As per LinkedIn, Lead Gen Forms are compatible with Zapier and Driftrock. When you use either of these systems for marketing automation, LinkedIn leads will pull into your existing CRM in real-time.

There are plans to offer integrations with Marketo, Microsoft Dynamic 3654, and Oracle Eloqua, too.

How to set up your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Account?


Create the Campaign

From your account navigate to the “Advertise” button right in the toolbar

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Click “Create Campaign” and choose “Sponsored Content” to create a new campaign.

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Choose “Collect Leads Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms”.

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Click on “Create New Sponsored Content” or “Select Existing Content”. If you create new content, you’ll enter the form creator here.

How to create the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form?

From your LinkedIn account click on “Advertise” in the top right-hand corner, choose “Advertising” and click on “Campaign Manager”.

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Once you’re in the Campaign Manager, you’ll see your existing campaign and can click “Create New Form Template” to create your first Lead Gen Form.

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You’ll be taken to this screen. This is where you’ll be dropped if you navigate through the Campaign creator first.

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Fill in the information for your Lead Gen Form and watch your preview come to life.

Here, you can select the information you’d like members to provide. You can select up to 7 fields. LinkedIn will pre-populate forms with members’ contact and demographic information based on information in their LinkedIn profiles.

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Check out your confirmation copy and a convenient preview.

Click “Save” and you’ve successfully created your Lead Gen Form!

Now, you can view advanced analytics by navigating to “Tools” and then to Lead Gen Forms to take a look at how your Lead Gen Form is performing.

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The endeavor gives advertisers ability to include Lead Gen Forms in sponsored InMail campaigns for both mobile and desktop later.

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