Who had thought that digital marketing would evolve at a tremendous pace in market? There are a plethora of tools, technologies and platforms that promise to deliver many exciting changes to the digital marketing world in coming years.2014 has been a year of digitalization. Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Content Marketing have been ranked as the top 3 tools in digital marketing.

Mobile Marketing from 42.8% in 2013 has shown a growth of 25% in 2014, the numbers will increase in coming years, Thanks to the new mobile phone or rather I should say Smart phones users who are totally dependent on internet and the youth generation of our country who are more connected to their Smart Phones in comparison to books and human beings.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C we all love Social Media. Right? Do we ever think that this social media where we connect with people and increase our social surroundings or gatherings also helps us in growth of business and increase in customer base?

Content distribution is something which is not important but mandatory for any business operation. 41% of B2B and 39% B2C marketers are using Google+ and Pinterest to distribute content and pictures to their users. Promoted tweets and sponsored stories are by far the best tools for targeting and improving user engagement.

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For people who think digital marketing is only to do with promoting products or services online, you are wrong there is a lot more exciting tasks which will help you to grow global. But don’t forget one golden rule “Think Global, Act Local” .

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