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An Interview with Mr. Sayan Mondal, Operational Analyst at Aon Hewitt and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares with us how digital marketing helped him in achieving his goals for future success in the Digital World.

Q1.  Hi Sayan, you are working as an Operational Analyst with Aon Hewitt and also holding freelancing projects. What are the job responsibilities you are handling over there?

Ans. I am working as Operational Analyst at Aon Hewitt. I am responsible for resolving complex benefits issues including conducting research, analyzing provisions and also ensuring validation and sovereignty of all vendor data for business eligibility. I did freelancing on Digital Marketing, SEM/SEO projects and working over more projects.

Q2.Wonderful job profile! Can you tell our readers what inspired you to go for Digital Marketing Training?

Ans. In 2013, I got a mail from DSIM about the training program. I didn`t know about the digital marketing course. I always wanted to know how people earn money through internet. I got a call from one of your counselor and had a word about the training program.  Then, I got to know about digital marketing current scenario and its future prospectus. So, I moved forward to know more about digital marketing in the year 2014 and joined Advanced Training Program at DSIM.

If anyone wants to make his career bright then do something creative and I too found digital marketing very much creative. It every time needs a new and different idea. That’s the reason I look forward to digital marketing training program.did digital marketing training in the early phase of my career. I was initially working with a BPO then thought to move out from BPO for the job role. Everyone wants a normal day shift 9 to 6 job instead of working during night hours.Fortunately, I was able to join DSIM. I attended demo session which was very much impressive, and then I joined Advanced Training Program. DSIM actually helped me in growing and motivated me to move further.

 Q3. Great! Talking about digital marketing, we would like to know more about the scope of digital marketing from you? Please tell us about your views in this regard.

Ans. According to today’s scenario, every neighbor is starting new start-ups. Now a day, India is changing into digital. It’s a big opportunity & a big market in India. In recent years, we have seen lots of startup in the market. So, there is a need of a digital marketer on a huge scale. Digital marketing is a great opportunity in India, where even college students can also grab money through various online medium. This industry is booming right now and is going to flourish in the coming time. Digital marketing has been more like building relationship digital.

Q4.  Nicely explained Sayan. You completed digital marketing training from DSIM. How was your overall training experience? And how would you rate the trainers @ DSIM on the scale of 10?

Ans. It was really a wonderful experience. In DSIM, I learned many new and unaware concepts. If I talk about trainer’s @DSIM, Mr. Karan, I really like to give him 9.5 out of 10. The classes with him are very interactive and interesting.
Mr. Sahil Vohra is very good. I would like to rate him 9.5. He had great knowledge about Adwords and Analytics.
Mr. Rajender Rawat is also good. I would like to rate him 9.5. His teaching method is good. He is good in SEO and WordPress.
Even, I am still connected with the trainers. They still give me advice & share their precious industry experience. On an average am I will give 9.5 out of 10 for trainers.
Q5.  Well! It was really nice talking to you. Concluding our conversation, would you like to share something to the young job seekers?
Ans. Yes sure! Digital marketing is a booming industry. Every student from any stream can go for a digital marketing course to enhance their skills. It is a vast concept. Digital Marketing is much more than E-Commerce and the only way for someone interested in learning it, is through self-effort and a handful of institutes like DSIM.

Mr. Sayan Mondal completed his Digital Marketing Training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in June 2015.

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