Untitled India has become more aware of digital marketing than what it used to be almost a decade ago. Now if you think about marketing your business the first thing that strikes your mind is to go online or say go digital. Still you will find so many people around who don’t know what actually is digital marketing, in spite of the fact that they have been practicing it knowingly or unknowingly, being a customer or may be a marketer in some of the cases.

So for them who still need to make their concept on digital marketing clear here in this article we are going to discuss solely about digital marketing and its process.


“Digital marketing as the name specifies is marketing over the internet through various digital devices.” Although television and radio today fall under digital devices still if exclude these two from the list, marketing through rest all digital devices is digital marketing. We also call it online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing.

What is Digital Marketing process?

Digital marketing process is a systematic method to effectively conduct digital marketing for your business.
Following are the steps involved in digital marketing process in a subsequent order



dmp 1 How do you make your target market know that you exist? Perhaps by advertising on TV, Radio, newspapers, web and so on. So in a way you do it by getting yourself visible. What so ever be the mode. Isn’t that?

In digital marketing visibility is to get you visible on web, a place where your potential customer can gather information about you.

How to get visibility?

You can get visibility in form of a website, blog, posting articles on various offline and online channels, displaying banner ads on targeted websites, by having a Facebook fan Page, by strating a group on Linked In , by running a video on You tube and so on.

Bringing targeted traffic


dmp 2 Once you have the visibility, you do some kind of activity in order to reach out to your potential buyers and bring them on your website. It is consist of two steps, which are:

Step 1:

Reaching out to people who are looking for your product or services. Let’s suppose you are an advertising agency providing advertising solutions and there is somebody who need advertising solution in Delhi and he searches for it on web typing in ‘advertising solution in Delhi ‘ and your company shows up with all other results. This person is actually someone who is already looking for you and you only need to reach out to him and bring him on your website.

Step 2

Reaching out to people who are not looking for your product or services but are a part of your potential customer base.



dmp 3 Your end objective is to get some sales, for that you need to generate some leads and for generating leads you must engage your customers, you must make them do some activities on your website. Not everyone who visits your website has a buying intention. So serve the purpose for which they have visited your site, it could be anything, they might have embarked upon your website just like that while browsing the website so do some activity to engage them. Let that person do something on your website and this is what we call engagement.

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Lead Generation

dmp 4 Once you engage people, you generate leads. It can be micro or macro leads. Now, what is micro and macro leads.

Micro Leads

Micro leads are those lead which although have been filled up by people however they are not interested in buying your product at that point of time. For example, a lot of people have downloaded your white paper or e brochure or have subscribed for your blog or newsletter and you got some information, you got some activity going on your website by your target customer however they are, at this point of time, not interested in your product or services or rather not ready to buy them.

Macro Leads

Macro leads are those leads in which the person is more interested to buy and they have filled up an important lead. For example inbound call, someone subscribing for free trial or someone walking in to your center. Macro leads are actually those leads in which chances of visitors getting converted into customers are higher.

Once you convert, it results into sales. You generate micro leads, you nurture them and convert into macro leads, and then you nurture your macro leads and convert them into sales.



dmp 5 Best thing about digital marketing is that it is not only cost-effective or has wider reach but that you can also measure it at its every part. You can track and measure every single penny that that you spend online. You can calculate ROI on every single penny spent, can figure out which channel are not performing well and can make investments accordingly. Suppose a particular channel isn’t performing well, so you can relocate that budget on a better performing platform. This is how you can increase sales and increase revenue in same amount of money.

You do this through Web Analytics, which is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data over the internet for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.



dmp 6 The last step of digital marketing is retention. Retention is getting the same customer back to your website and selling again. You can do this through email marketing, remarketing and so on.

So this was the digital marketing process in six steps, starting from how to make your potential customers aware of you to bringing them to your website, engaging them, converting them into leads, converting leads into sales, measuring the performance of marketing campaigns and finally retaining the customers. Please let us know in comments it was helpful and if you have any query.


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