Deciding upon right Internet Marketing Mix.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is finding your right target market on internet, reaching them, proposing value by communicating and generating business on internet. Online marketers uses various internet marketing components like search engine optimization (seo), social media marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising and email marketing to name few. Few brands also go for making affiliate to take their business at another level.

What is internet marketing mix?

Internet marketing mix is deciding upon which component of internet marketing should be used and to which extent. If an online business decides to implement only SEO in their internet marketing strategy then it can be long before the business actually meets its objectives and even that is also not guaranteed. Hence proper online marketing mix needs to be worked upon.

How to deciding upon right marketing mix?

Developing an Internet Marketing strategy with proper mix can be a tough task. Lots of internet marketing guru’s get jitters when it comes to deciding on a proper internet marketing mix. Selecting a online marketing mix decides on

  • The nature of business (ecommerce, business website, services)
  • Objectives to be achieved (awareness vs sales)
  • Long term goals (profit vs turnover)
  • Past experience (components aim for)
  • Marketing budget (low, mediate, high)

Internet marketing strategy has to be based upon the nature of business.

Nature of business- A b2b website will not target mass audience and would rather go for its niche segment. Hence it may adopt SEO and online advertising on selective websites where it can find it target market. Social media will not be a suitable platform for such b2b businesses.

Objectives- If the objective of the business is to derive instant sales then it must go for email marketing and PPC advertising. However if the objective is to create brand awareness then social media marketing is the best choice.

Long term goals- If increasing the turnover is the long term objective then a website can target masses and adopt bit of every component of internet Marketing. However if the objective is to increase sales with increase in profit then proper segmentation of target market is very important.

Past Experiences– A lot of internet marketing strategies are based on the past experience of using various components of internet marketing. If SEO has worked fine for a website then marketers do pay a lot of importance on SEO. However, past experience is personal and can vary from business to business and individuals to individuals.

Marketing budget- If internet marketing budget for a business is low then a business can go for SEO and email marketing. If the budget is mediate then targeted PPC advertising can also be included in overall online marketing mix. And if the budget is not a problem then a business can work on every components of internet marketing and can also include affiliate marketing.

To gain proper knowledge and understanding of internet marketing mix managers must have proper knowledge and experience in internet marketing. They can get trained in internet marketing @ delhi school of internet marketing where only people having years of experience in internet marketing industry shares their valuable knowledge under the internet marketing training program.

About the author-

Author name is Kunal Choudhary and works as a full time internet marketer having years of experience the industry.

Work Profile-

  • Managed and founded ecommerce store with over 1000 SKU’s having target market base in United States.
  • Works as an affiliate marketer for top online companies and CPA networks.
  • Has founded an internet marketing training institute by the name of Delhi School of Internet Marketing
  • Owns a website designing company.
  • Has expertise in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.
  • Loves Social Media Marketing (especially Facebook)
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